truth honor integrity | sept 10 2020

The land of confusion as unsanity reaches unprecedented levels, the two worlds now glaring for all to see, this is the show that clears all the fog of confusion and brings more clarity to life and matters globally.
As California now appears to be more orange than Trump, some would say California was DEW, but which due/dew.
As yet again politicians in America blocked funding to the people today, at which point does that become indicative to the masses?
As Cease and desist letters are being sent to 11 Michigan nursing homes for charging a $900 COVID-19 fee, snake oil people still active I see.

We have a packed show again today, the art of condensing a weeks news and insight into one podcast becomes more difficult each week, as information now is coming in from everywhere.
Some don’t like the length of our shows, some like the shorter YT clips, but whilst some of them have value, it does not tell you the full picture or allow you to see or connect the dots like this show.
This show will have more confirms, more proofs, more dots connecting and a mind blower piece somewhere within this show, time to get your pondering caps on again, and no this time it will not be cryptic, I can hear Holly saying phew now lol.

I have received positive feedback from both the black people and the gender based groups for my fairly heavy and brutal truth piece done in last weeks show.
That is a great sign of progress, that people are now seeing behind the headlines and gaining a better understanding in and of themselves, whilst recognizing that programs are being ran on them.

With much talk in the alt media about assemblies and the law path, one ponders on wouldn’t it be great if the Anna Von Reitz people, John Darash people, Kevin Annett people, Lifeforce assembly all combined into one group under the banner of The Peoples Club, which is not a representative of me, that group is for all the people.
One giant assembly, with representatives for each state and province across the North American continent.
Then the tribal discord can end and people can just come together for specific purposes whilst remaining close to their own groups.

We had two differing and successful zoom calls over the weekend, that covered very differing topics, both have remained hidden from society and both deliver far different emotions.
From the excitement of the Cosmic Towers to the despair and frustration of those who have endured the non physical in the physical and astral rape.
With regards to the Towers, I have sent one of our Business group to speak with Harald on the best way forward with this project.
There is clearly interest from you all who attended the tower calls, but a few issues cropped up that Harald is looking into currently and our business member will try to assist him in some way.
One issue is, that some of the towers have not worked after a few weeks, that appears to be related to the crystal component, anyway it is being looked into.
It was stated the smaller towers whilst great for individual or family use, can be overcome by frequencies from HAARP and 5G towers, but these smaller ones are more protected when the larger towers are in the vicinity.
The issue of delivery both in terms of keeping the product intact and also authorities interference was raised and is a minor concern, but overall it was in some ways proven these towers will work as stated by Harald and also Stanislaw.
So, from our perspective that venture is on hold currently, both Harald and the people who raised concerns stated the device does actually work and so that is a positive, the question remains for how long and does it need periodic maintenance in relation to the crystal element of the device.
The other call was heart rendering and breaking, but also cathartic for all who attended, for the first time possibly in their lives, these people who have suffered the astral rape and abuse, could come forward in a safe environment and be heard and accepted, and not be dismissed or considered a mental nut case.
That is what the authorities have always done with things from the hidden worlds or realms, dismiss it out of hand due to their own ignorance and following the script by the book, which has never allowed anything that resembles what they would call pseudo science, I would call in most cases, reality.
A number of very brave men and women in our group came forward and revealed their harrowing stories in a safe environment of love, trust and care, and whilst they all left the call with more work to do, that work and they got a whole lot lighter this week.
This song is from myself, Ramona, Holly and Michele to you all who bravely attended.
Sometimes the greatest gift you can give in life is, just listening.

The federal government’s pandemic response is expected to push the national debt past the size of the entire US economy. According to The Wall Street Journal, U.S. government debt will surpass “the size of the economy in the government’s 2021 fiscal year, a milestone not hit since World War II that has been brought into reach by a giant fiscal response to the coronavirus pandemic.”
That is a misnomer, it has shite all to do with the virus and more to do with their greed based harvesting and fiscal policy.
“The Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday that federal debt held by the public is projected to reach or exceed 100% of U.S. gross domestic product” the report continued, “the broadest measure of U.S. economic output, in the fiscal year that begins on Oct. 1.”
Actually it has already surpassed it based on the government own debt clock, the debt currently stands at 136.71%, that is 36.71% over what the country produces in it’s entirety of a given year.
In basic terms for every $100 we produce, we are spending $136.71 and when government costs alone are in the $12-15B per day region, that mounts up.
That is just the federal debt, all debt to GDP is 153.6%.
However, the significant upswing in borrowing has not yet generated “angst among investors or hampering the U.S.’s ability to borrow more,” the Journal reported.
Investors have gobbled up U.S. Treasury assets, drawn to their relative safety. good luck with that, you were duped with these bonds and Treasuries in 2008 and yet 3 loops later you all do the same – oh dear.
Moreover, interest rates are expected to remain low, suggesting the government still has plenty of room to borrow.
The point is, only the clowns wish for us to borrow to feed their debt not our debt, we have solutions on the WH table for 4 years and zip, nada, nothing, Nero fiddles or golfs whilst the country burns it seems, and no it is not one mans fault, it is all our fault.
Government response to the pandemic by the end of June had caused “total debt [to swell] to $20.5 trillion from $17.7 trillion at the end of March,” per the report, which represents “a 16% increase over just three months, according to Treasury Department data.” Current debt ignoring the fact it was paid off in lieu of Federal reserve debts to the Trust is $26.75T.
There is no debt, it is an illusion and greed based game and Trump needs to stop this nonsense.
The debt is all to do with the banks, they are the debt and they are responsible.
Trillions of public money was wasted on these banks to cover their greed based losses in 2008, 12 years later the same shit is happening again, close them all down and create an American national bank in league with the Trust.
Trimming the nation’s debt “hasn’t in recent years been a priority of lawmakers in either political party — a factor that facilitated bipartisan support for earlier pandemic stimulus packages.”
Yes because the banks wants us to keep borrowing which generates interest payments, the said interest is paying off their loans, not ours, same applies to mortgages, all mortgages are lawfully (not legally) paid for when you sign for it.
However, Democrats and Republicans are now at odds over further spending, with some Republicans arguing against any further spending at all, the incompetence of both is now prevalent to all, once you take the tribalism out of it, it is a collective shambles.
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and some economists have said Congress needs to do more to support the nascent recovery, especially with unemployment in double digits and the virus continuing to spread throughout the country.
No Mr. Powell you need to reign in the banks not point fingers away from the problem, stop supporting clowns.
The pandemic has forced many states to alter reopening plans and could temper the economic rebound expected this summer.
“I think we’re going to continue to see the U.S. economy recover,” Tyler Goodspeed, the acting chairman of President Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers, said at a press briefing last month.
Economy doesn’t recover based on debt Mr. Goodspeed, that is jackass thinking.
“It would recover a lot faster, and with much less long-term scarring, with additional support.” they have the additional support they just failed in 4 years to provide a safe platform for that support to function, the Trust.

A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program that collected data on Americans’ telephone calls was illegal and possibly unconstitutional. no shit sherlock.
A three-judge panel on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the program, which was revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden and officially ended in 2015, violated U.S. surveillance laws and potentially the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.
Despite their conclusion about the surveillance program, the judges upheld the convictions of four Somali immigrants who brought a legal challenge against it on appeal.
Wednesday’s ruling came seven years after the four were convicted in 2013 of sending money to the terrorist group al-Shabaab.
Snowden, who was cited repeatedly in the court’s decision, revealed the surveillance program’s existence just months after their trial in 2013.
Under the program, the NSA collects and analyzes bulk data provided by telecommunications companies, that is called metadata and algorithms we covered Clowns in Panic.
That information included details on Americans’ phone calls — such as the numbers they were calling and the duration of calls — but not the content, not the content? that is a lie. Congress passed a law ending the program in 2015.
Patrick Toomey, a senior staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, said he was disappointed that the court didn’t find that the illegal surveillance affected the four defendants’ convictions, but applauded the ruling for condemning bulk collection program:
“Today’s ruling is a victory for our privacy rights. The ruling makes plain that the NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone records violated the Constitution.
The decision also recognizes that when the government seeks to prosecute a person, it must give notice of the secret surveillance it used to gather its evidence.
This protection is a vital one given the proliferation of novel spying tools the government uses today.”
The metadata collection program was created and approved by the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court after the passage of the Patriot Act in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
The court’s decision Wednesday, which was written by Judge Marsha Berzon, a Clinton appointee, ruled that the bulk collection of phone records violated the requirement that agencies seek a court order, when obtaining information relevant to an investigation from a private business.
The court stopped short of ruling the metadata program unconstitutional, saying it was irrelevant to the defendants’ convictions.

Anyone notice whenever the term Federal crops up it appears to be not operating for the right cause, fairly, transparent and often means of being against the people?
Federal Reserve, FBI, CDC, IRS, EPA, FCC, FDA, Freddie Mac, the States, the taxes, the Civil war was federate against confederate and the list goes on, but the term federal means covenant, league, treaty or alliance all of which are binding terms again.
Perhaps we need to pull out of that treaty and binding altogether for the benefit of the country and the people.

The medical journal, The Lancet, is one of the world’s Big Three scientific journals of medicine; that’s the triumvirate of authorities for physicians worldwide, and the other two are the Journal of the American Medical Association, and the New England Journal of Medicine.
On August 27th The Lancet published “Measuring universal health coverage based on an index of effective coverage of health services in 204 countries and territories”.
Here is the visual that’s in it, which shows the United States as having, by far, the world’s costliest medical care, at around $9,000 per person per year, and yet as having lower quality of health care than virtually all other industrialized nations do.
Remember Americans, the third leading cause of death in this country is, medical malpractice.
Two separate studies, all showing the same thing, and the question asked of what can explain this is, the conclusion in the report was.
Quite simply, the United States is the world’s most corrupt nation, and medical care is such an extreme necessity when a citizen needs it, so that they’ll pay whatever the system charges them for it — and investing in healthcare products and services is therefore enormously profitable in the United States.
Actually, the only other market-sector that competes with it for providing simultaneously high returns and low risk (the combination that offers the best of both worlds to investors) is consumer staples, such as foods, which likewise are necessities of life.
It is my opinion that all things medical must have a nominal set limit of profit on every item or service of a maximum of 5%, the idea that people see peoples health as way to make money is why our society has collapsed into the cesspit, life over money is the way forward.

Some quickfire reports from around the world. This time we’ve focused on children’s health in the news.
Good news for kids over the last few months sees Oaxaca Mexico banning sales of junk food to minors, the Russian government recommending the ban of Wi-Fi and cell phones in primary schools, and a study finding that having pet dogs helps nurture kids emotional-social development.
In other news, New Zealand’s largest child study has finally caught up with Weston A. Price from almost a century ago , revealing white flour products and rice rot teeth (duh), e-books as opposed to real books change how parents interact with their kids at story hour and the FDA approves the first prescription video game for kids with ADHD.

Update on Beirut:
Whilst some scream show me the money and wail at the Trustee, others are asking where are our people and where is our city?
New drone footage captured by RT’s video agency Ruptly reveals the devastation at ground zero in Beirut’s port in detail, one month after the massive explosion which shook the Lebanese capital.
The video shows the port, where the now-infamous warehouse full of improperly stored explosives used to sit. The whole area was essentially flattened by the blast. No building was left standing, apart from massive grain silos that managed to withstand the explosion and even shielded part of the city.
Ground zero looks like a barren wasteland marked with the shells of buildings, buried under fragments of former walls and roofs. Further away, the half-destroyed surrounding landscape of windowless city buildings can be seen.
Meanwhile, the roads between the ruins are full of moving cars, creating some surreal imagery.
The huge explosion on August 4 killed at least 190 people, injured more than 6,000, and left around 300,000 homeless. Some 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate is believed to have fueled the explosions, having been unsafely stored in a portside warehouse since 2014. Real reports state over a 1000 are dead.

Quick update from the weekend here in Melbourne, sorry its not really quick.
As many have mentioned to me the protest was called off in Melbourne for Saturday 5th September, thank you for the alerts that the protest was called off; true it was and as such was a decoy event (think 5 D Chess) for the following reasons: To understand what interstate and international support there was for us; To know what kind of response the Victoria Police would offer.
So what happened at the protest location for the called off protest?
First, the Victoria Police were out in force to ensure people remained in their suburbs on weekends, ID checks and 20 questions in many locations and included community bike trails for example continued although there was a reduced police presence in the suburbs.
What happened instead of a protest was many people who lived in the area, chose to go for their daily hour of exercise between 11am and 1pm nearby the named location, War Memorial and Shrine of Remembrance.
We learned there were two Victoria Police forces: One in the normal gear and police cars. Normal over angry police we have sadly grown used to terrorizing old and young alike.
And another in darth vader looking riot gear (not in the MSM newspapers) who travelled in black unmarked vans and when their arms moved one could observe a UN Victoria Police badge.
The police will arrest journalists and harass them after dark at their house at 10:30pm at night; footage went viral.
Yes, let that sink in for you folks. We had the UN piece keepers on our shores yesterday. They were easily startled like a horse. Sadly, they travelled in packs of 60+ and ran at groups of exercises and surrounded them until they went home.
The international and interstate response I have to admit was a shock for all the right reasons.
I saw many photos on twitter with the red version of the Australian flag out flying or being held up across USA, Canada, Europe, UK, New Zealand and 100’s of country towns and cities across Australia.
Based on chatter locally this helped a lot of locals move from aware of a problem to realizing no messiah was coming to save us. Lot of expats calling home, etc.
Today the premier launched a further extension by 14 days or two weeks, and also launched a series of measures that are unworkable and immeasurable, many are awakening to the sham that our Premier is working under.
Some of the documents leaked on to twitter tonight: A document signed by the following on the 23rd October, 2019 in Beijing:
Premier, the State Government of Victoria, the Commonwealth of Australia and Vice Chairman, the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China.
To the Australian people I will link you all back to an event in Australia last June, that got some publicity but largely uncovered nothing.
That event now appears the start of the planning against your people and the country, so what was that event? Remember the 3 unannounced Chinese warships? connect the dots.
Reference made to a Road Map being developed between both parties by March 2020 which was launched today.
This is understood to be the Belt and Road infrastructure work, all predating the pandemic.
Test kits: Evidence that the test kits were swapped from locally developed Coronavirus test kits in May.
The swabs/samples taken are being processed in China and going into a genome database for bioweapon design.
Reference also made to purchase of COVID test kits in 2018.
Evidence the death toll from Corona virus is inflated, many people have come forward to claim they rejected the ~$10,000 payment to have their parent’s death counted as a COVID death.
The state Chief Health Officer met with an arranged group of specialists from across Australia last Wednesday.
Details are starting to come out from the Zoom call; it is fair to say the CHO didn’t fair well with his colleagues.
It looks like the game is up, the medical profession has launched a website to advise people called the “coviddoctorsnetwork.com” to channel their public voice; 500+ medical professionals are contributing to the effort so far.
It might not be immediately apparent from a first read of the summary of information shared online tonight; I will add that the detail shared was leaked from the “inner circle” of the Premier’s trusted team.
Documents showed his signature and that of others and on official paper for example, cracks are beginning to show big time!
What is pleasing to note is, again under tremendous pressure the people of Melbourne have not buckled to return violence with violence and that much is at stake.
Rather the approach has been to problem solve and do what one can do … the phrase many hands make light work.

So as in many other countries now, the people and some authorities in the medical field are starting to work shit out and coming together, it is fantastic to see.
Trump tweeted this week the pandemic is a hoax, the questions that remain is A: what are you going to do about it? B: Do you have any power to change it? and C: why after 4 years do you not have enforcement?

President Donald Trump on Monday accused the United States’ military leadership of being beholden to arms manufacturers, in an attack on his own administration only days after reports that he had mocked fallen soldiers.
A: it is not his own administration and B: that alleged mocking has no solid proof.
Speaking at a combative White House news conference, Trump said leaders at the Pentagon probably weren’t “in love with me” because “they want to do nothing but fight wars, so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy.”
“Some people don’t like to come home, some people like to continue to spend money,” Trump said.
“One cold-hearted globalist betrayal after another, that’s what it was.”
He asserted that while U.S. troops largely support him, he does not receive the same affinity from the top.
He made the comment as he advocated for the removal of American troops from “endless wars” and lambasted NATO allies who “rip us off.”
Massive round of applause for Mr. Trump for saying publically what this show and others has been stating for a long time, this was a ground breaking announcement in many ways, and many more like this needs to follow up.
Message to all, following orders from the so called hierarchy is a recipe for disaster in these times, just saying.

Israel and Kosovo will establish diplomatic relations with each other, while Serbia will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Both moves came during US-backed talks in Washington.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s press office announced his country’s recognition of Kosovo on Friday, making Israel the 98th UN member state to recognize the former Serbian province.
Kosovo, in turn, will recognize Israel, becoming one of only a handful of Muslim-majority countries to do so.
The move was announced as Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo’s Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti met with US President Donald Trump at the White House to discuss normalizing their economic relations, two decades after a devastating conflict between them ended with a NATO bombing campaign against Serbia.
Another great day for peace with Middle East – Muslim-majority Kosovo and Israel have agreed to normalize ties and establish diplomatic relations. Well-done! More Islamic and Arab nations will follow soon!
The silent coups continue in the former Rus and Aryan nations to become subservient puppets to the Hebrew Annunaki anti humanity usurpers.

Here is an article written by someone else with my input added to it, and will give some background to that story.
Israel sold massive amounts of weapons to Serbia during that horrific war in Serbia during the Milosevic period.
Generally, people are just not aware of the relationship that already exists between Serbia and Israel.
There is a lot that takes place in the Balkans….Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania…so much goes on in the Balkans.
Israel wants its footprint there. Now, that the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem, Serbia is following.
Why do they want their footprint there? for war against the Rus and Aryans again is why, it is the hidden war that has played out for the past 100 or so years, all done by these same peoples under the banner of Bolshevism, Nazism, Wahhabism, Sufism and a number of other terrorist based groups all bought and paid for by the clowns.
The forefront of it is NATO which is ATON and Egypt off world gods worship again these people operate under, whilst hiding behind the term Jewish, which is not a race or color, it is an anti human law based religion of control.
When you think of Israel, think of it as an extension of the United States, Israel is a sister state of the United States.
The US is even using Israeli computer software on many of the government systems, and Rudy Guiliani has brokered many deals, reaping millions of dollars.
Who do I think is the number 1 most dangerous person in the White House? Jared Kushner, the second most dangerous is Mike Pompeo.
So just think of israel as the satellite country and sister country of the United States. Am I happy about this? No. It burns me..it burns me.
Israel has been gathering information on Americans much longer than anyone realizes, I have nothing against ordinary Jewish people at all, but there is a political echelon in Israel that I find quite disturbing and threat to every American citizen.
I agree with that 100% and unless Americans and 207 other countries peoples and governments recognize this as fact and act, these psychopaths will annihilate us all, the irony is the world is focusing on identities be black, gay, transgender or otherwise and yet fail to see your identity as a human is under serious threat by these psychopaths.

Sasha Johnson, a BLM leader, has set up a new party that will exclude white people from leadership roles and tweeted about ‘enslaving whites’. She’s just a young, female, black version of old white racists she says she’s fighting.
Another day has dawned in Britain, and with it yet another ridiculous demand from the intersectional left. During a Million Person March (attended, er, by around 400 people) in London, a BLM leader announced they would be forming the first black-led political party in Britain.
This party will be called the Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP).
Though this party will be “black led,” it will be a party for the “working class,” so quite why the racial aspect is necessary if this is a class-based movement is anybody’s guess, but it probably has something to do with the person who announced its formation.
The TTIP was revealed to the world by a lady named Sasha Johnson. According to a vomit inducing interview with a YouTube channel called Oxfordshire Youth, Sasha is an “amazing youth worker, freedom fighter, activist and business owner.” Apparently not content with those accolades, she also unironically calls herself “Oxford’s Black Panther.” She doesn’t explicitly say whether by that she means she is a fictional superhero from Wakanda or a member of the Marxist Black Power organisation from the US, but based on her preference for a beret over a Vibranium catsuit, we can assume the latter.
Sasha has had an eventful few months since the Black Lives Matter movement kicked off again. As a result of this she says she has become a “symbol of the revolution.” no you will become a puppet of the system like Greta Thunberg and labeled as a racist by many of your own people, never mind others.
So, what kind of revolution is this pound shop Che Guevara planning? Well, a communist one, obviously, but one with a healthy side of racial supremacy to go with the Marxism.
Ms Johnson first came to national attention a few weeks ago after she was filmed repeatedly calling a black man who didn’t believe that the UK was a systemically racist country a “coon,” apparently threatening him with violence, then taking exception with him for “calling a black woman angry” after she explicitly said she was.
The race card has been used on us all, but this political correctness program was not designed to look after black people, but to give them a platform to perform to squash all the other colors, Black power ultimately is the tool of the Hebrew Annunaki sub gray race, perhaps this next story will make your mind up further?

A US academic whose work focuses on Africa and the African diaspora has said she lied about being black.
Jessica Krug, an associate professor at George Washington University, admitted that she was in fact a white Jewish woman from Kansas City.
“I have built my life on a violent anti-Black lie, and I have lied in every breath I have taken,” she wrote.
Her case bears strong parallels to Rachel Dolezal, a white race activist who claimed to be black.
Ms Dolezal first made headlines in 2015 when her parents outed her as white.
The former civil rights activist and African studies instructor had kept up the pretence of being African American for years, but said she “identified as black”.
Writing in a Medium post published on Thursday, Jessica Krug said she had falsely assumed identities “that I had no right to claim: first North African Blackness, then US rooted Blackness, then Caribbean rooted Bronx Blackness”.
She described this behaviour as “the very epitome of violence, of thievery and appropriation, of the myriad ways in which non-Black people continue to use and abuse Black identities and cultures”, adding that she had continued the pretence even in her personal relationships.
She blamed her lies on mental health issues and trauma experienced in her early years, although she said this was not an excuse for her actions.
Ms Krug’s post did not give a reason for her decision to admit her deception, nor its timing.
However, screenwriter Hari Ziyad said her admission came “because she had been found out”.
First off to be factual, the Jewish people are not white, this unfactual statement has caused the white race much blame, shame and guilt, that has been passed down over generations.
Rendered the British and Dutch countries through the East Indies Tea Companies as racist and bullies, when it was all ran by Jewish owners and their slave ships.
What is the purpose of this lying about your color and race? can only mean one thing, that person is being paid to run a nefarious program.
These types of programs have been ran under the hidden hand tactic for generations, the latest of which is Black Lives Matter program, it is not a movement, it is a program of divide and conquer being ran on the people, by the people, whilst those that created it sit back and laugh in expensive boardrooms.
No, this is not a career move as it would be made out, or a way to overcome racism, it is a program and this woman has earned good money to run a program, on and against the people.
Krug whilst born elsewhere found her fame and path in New York City again, this song sums up that place.

Thousands protested in Pakistan after French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo reprinted a cartoon parody of the Prophet Mohammed to mark the opening of the trial of the alleged accomplices to the deadly 2015 attack on its office.
The demonstrations began on Thursday and continued into Friday, spreading into other cities such as Lahore and Islamabad, with crowds marching and some people burning the French flag. “Stop barking, French dogs!” was reportedly chanted by one group of angry marchers.
I get people get emotionally charged over religion, it is what that program was designed for, but at which point do the people realize they are being played for fools?
You wish to believe in Mohammad and entity from the distant past that no one alive today has seen or heard for concrete proof, then fine, but I ask the people following Mohammad what he would think of you demonstrating on his behalf today?
Do you think he would approve of it? higher evolved beings would not, so why do it?
It is a distraction game, and your protests would be better served in coming together to demand better lives and lifestyles for the thousands of Pakistani peoples living in abject poverty, and not some ridiculous cartoon drawing.
Demonstrating and ranting over a cartoon is child like thinking, and I am certain Mohammad himself would have agreed.

South Africa’s governing African National Congress (ANC) has called US President Donald Trump “divisive, misogynistic and disrespectful” in response to reports that he was dismissive about Nelson Mandela, the country’s first black president.
Mr Trump said the Nobel Peace Prize winner was “no leader”, according to his former lawyer Michael Cohen, The allegation comes from Cohen’s new book, Disloyal: A Memoir. The White House says Cohen is lying.
Cohen being the operative and indicative word in this exchange.
As well as criticizing Mandela, the US president is reported by Cohen to have said: “Tell me one country run by a black person that isn’t a shithole. They are all complete [expletive] toilets.”
The words echo similar allegations, from 2018, that Trump referred to African countries as “shithole” nations.
Whether Trump said those things or not, it has to be said there is an element of truth to the comments when you remove the color or race connections from them.
Many African countries are in complete disarray and are not serving the people in any way, shape or form.
Whether you call it shithole, cesspit or unfortunate, the message is still the same.
As for the ANC over there, they are in no position to point fingers at anyone else, and should concentrate on fixing their own racist policies, and quit lynching and tire burning their own people, who have the temerity to disagree with them, not ignoring the whites slaughter program they are running either.
Pot, kettle and black springs to mind, and some people can label that racist all they like, but it doesn’t alter the conditions, hardship and poverty many people in Africa face, perhaps a change of focus is required?

Facebook decided to update their stuff on October 1st, stating “We can also remove or restrict access to content, services or information if we determine that doing so is reasonably necessary, to avoid or mitigate adverse legal or regulatory impacts on Facebook.
What a sad bunch of losers they are, allowing content like child porn, trafficking, arms sales and several other illegal activities, yet spend vast resources on fact checking the truth.
Then proceeding to delete the truth, has all the elements of a child not getting it’s own way and so takes it’s ball home.
What a pathetic group of morons those people are, terrified of truth and reality and determined to close down all avenues of truth or research.
Well, like MSM they both run on the basis of traffic to garner advertisement sales and income, with no one on it then those incomes plummet, yet another ouroborus program being ran by the clowns then.
Maybe it is time more of our members moved over to Mewe? and we can show the Hebrew based FB owners what a real exodus looks like.
But, whilst some maybe disappointed at FB stance, me I am delighted as it shows what we and many others are doing is taking the fight to them, and holding their feet to the fire as such.
They clearly don’t like the heat, so lets turn it up!!

When Facebook talks about busting foreign influence campaigns, Russia is usually painted as the villain. But the social media giant recently wiped out a host of pages interfering in Latin American politics – from Washington, DC.
CLS Strategies is one of many PR and lobbying groups that call the ‘swamp’ of Washington, DC their home.
According to the company’s own website, it “helps clients win where it matters most – in the halls of government, the marketplace, and the court of public opinion.”
But behind the website’s corpo-speak, CLS Strategies lobbies lawmakers on behalf of foreign politicians and corporations, and runs bespoke disinformation operations.
The company was caught last week operating 55 Facebook accounts, 42 pages, and 36 Instagram accounts in Venezuela, Mexico, and Bolivia. Together, these pages had more than 500,000 followers, and sought to manipulate politics in these countries, at a cost of $3.6 million to CLS’s clients. Facebook announced on Friday that it had closed the pages and accounts.
Who are the leading people in CLS?
Bob Chlopak the founder of this group, Bob served as the executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, where he recruited candidates, mobilized grassroots support and raised campaign funds for tight races in helping to elect a Democratic majority in the Senate.
Andrew Koneschusky Andrew also previously served as a spokesperson for leading Democratic members of Congress, including as national press secretary for Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and as communications director for Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY).
While in the House, Andrew also assisted the late Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) in his 2006 bid to become House Majority Leader. Andrew born in New York born to uncertain.
Allison Haley, Allison worked for Global Strategy Group, where she focused on non-profit and political work. In 2012, she worked on President Obama’s reelection campaign in Florida training volunteers and working to get out the vote.
So, the three lead positions all came from Democrat background, and likely connected to Citadel Services as well.
But here is another twist of who this group is connected to.
A co-founder of CLS, Peter Schechter, was also the founding director of the Latin America center at the major Washington think tank the Atlantic Council, which is funded by the US and UK governments and European Union and acts as a de facto organ of the NATO military alliance.
CLS it is stated is, a Washington, DC-based company which advises politicians, companies, non-profits, and international organizations.
These type of sleight of hand companies operating as advisors when in reality they are pushing agency based clowns rhetoric of deceiving the public in many countries has to stop.
Whilst not confirmed the two lead based people of this group, both appear to be yet again, born to.
If we are going to talk about election interference, then why are we continuing to ignore the oversized elephant in the room, Israel and their army of political lobbyists like AIPAC, J Street and several others.
How come that rarely gets mentioned, when virtually every Congress member and some would argue Trump is in the pocket of the Zionists? what did their report state covered in FRWL, we have 15 plus lobbyists for every American politician pushing the Israel agenda, their words not mine.

Facebook has continually denied that it participates in the practice of shadow banning — a method of blocking a users’ posts or comments from everyone except the user who made the post or comment.
But a newly granted patent shows that Facebook not only does practice shadow banning, but wants to protect — by patent — the method it uses for doing so.
Despite the fact that Facebook executives denied the practice in congressional testimony in April, the company was awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) earlier this month, for an automated system that would “receive a list of proscribed content and block comments containing the proscribed content, by reducing the distribution of those comments to other viewing users”, while continuing to “display the blocked content to the commenting user, such that the commenting user is not made aware that his or her comment was blocked.”
A better definition of shadow banning would be hard to write.
And since Facebook would use the patented system to shadow ban “proscribed” (read: banned) content, one can safely assume that would include political speech deemed unacceptable by the social-media behemoth.
After all, Facebook recently slapped down a post by this magazine’s parent organization, The John Birch Society as “hate speech.”
That post consisted of the cover of the July 8 issue of the print edition of The New American, that cover showed a real picture of an illegal border crossing and carried the caption, “Immigrant Invasion.”
These are dangerous waters we are swimming in currently, with this advance of technology the majority of us have no idea it exists or how it works, all carefully hidden in agreements of consent to use their products.
A bit like the weather channel app, that demands access to all your files, pictures, social media comments and contact lists.

Ahead of a slew of new missions to Earth’s natural satellite, researchers have detected a bizarre and unexpected anomaly on the lunar surface: the airless, liquid water-free Moon is rusting.
This perplexing discovery has its roots in 2008 when the Indian Space Research Organization’s Chandrayaan-1 orbiter surveyed the Moon’s surface and discovered water ice.
It wasn’t until recently that Shuai Li of the University of Hawaii and his fellow researchers discovered signatures in the data matching the iron oxide, hematite, a form of rust that normally requires the presence of both oxygen and water.
“It’s very puzzling,” Li said. “The Moon is a terrible environment for hematite to form in.”
For iron to rust, it needs an oxidizer, but thanks to solar wind from the sun, the lunar surface is bombarded with hydrogen, the exact opposite of an oxidiser, known as a reducer, which adds electrons rather than taking them away from materials it interacts with.
The researchers posit that trace amounts of oxygen on the Moon are actually run off from the Earth’s atmosphere, carried over by the planet’s extended magnetic field, known as the magnetotail, hitching a ride some 239,000 miles (385,00 kilometers) to the Moon.
Something for you all to ponder on is, is the moon crescent shape to do with light reflection or is something eclipsing it each month?
If the moon is rusting perhaps as many have posited that, the moon is an artificial satellite whose orbit and rotation defies all natural cosmic laws, then perhaps scientist experts should listen to so called conspiracy theorists I bit more. just saying.

Cyberwarfare is a plastic word used to promote fear, uncertainty and doubt.
It generally involves the hacking of enemy computer systems and networks, but since the rise of social media, it has an added information or propaganda element to influence foreign audiences, and affect adversary and enemy decision making.
The formation of groups like The 77th Brigade and Integrity Initiative, however, attest to the fact that any and all audiences are a target.
The objectives in cyberwar usually include one or more of the “5 Ds”: deny, degrade, disrupt, deceive, or destroy.
A bit like the new age cult 5D rhetoric then, deny, degrade, disrupt, deceive, or destroy.
Information operations (IO), or Inform and Influence Activities are closely linked to Cyberwar, sometimes these are having overlap with Psyops, sometimes is an underestimation in my opinion.
IO is defined by the US military as “the integrated employment, during military operations, of information-related capabilities in concert with other lines of operation to influence, disrupt, corrupt, or usurp the decision-making of adversaries and potential adversaries while protecting our own.”
This could mean among other things: spreading of false information, impersonation, denying network access (Internet/local) and destruction of hardware.
The former two more are in the range of IO, the later two in the range of cyber attacks/war.
In other words, “IO can be performed in any domain, including cyberspace.
An airplane dropping leaflets with a message aimed to influence an audience is conducting IO (psychological ops) without using cyberspace.
Similarly, operations in cyberspace are not limited to IO.
Manipulating an enemy airport computer system to disable the fuel pumps is a cyberspace operation, but not an example of IO”.
So how are they wishing to expand this field of operations? here is a line from their own manual.
To foster a world-leading reservoir of potential cyber talent among children and young people (initially 12-18 year olds, but spreading to younger children as the programme evolves).
There are two leaked documents from the II in 2016, II means Integrity Initiative who are a rogue think tank group, which have argued that a focus for the government should be the recruiting of school children to remain ahead of the competition in the cyber space domain, all very Hitler youth programs that.
In 2020 Matt Kennard for Declassified UK reported that GCHQ tries to recruit school children from the age of four years and up, offering lessons on how to hack passwords and vulnerable machines, and how to spy on other children’s wifi traffic.
The Cyber Schools Hub programme was set up in 2017 and “seeks to give young students the space and the opportunity to excel and explode into the market of cyber security and innovation”.
Bill Blunden opines that “the gilded hyperbole of Cyberwar being peddled to the public is dangerous because it distracts us from focusing on actual threats and constructive solutions.”
I guess the Robert David Steele project of us all becoming the intelligence has a whole new meaning and understanding now, again we warned of this in the Clowns in Panic.
The object is to save clowns money and most if not ALL agency jobs will go as the public will be the new collective agency, all under the banner of OSS and NATO.
Adult children using children to spy oh my how the human stock has fallen, and also confirms of how the old control system has collapsed.

After 18th Sept, The Government are going to say they consulted the public and because there were no objections, we all want and consent to the rollout of unlicensed #vaccines, and that we are happy for non-medical staff to administer them and happy to accept we will not have the ability to ask for compensation if we face damage to our health.
They are going to say, you agreed to it (because no one saw this #Consultation request to share their opinion of course), this request is not being seen by many and has not been promoted widely enough.
Please don’t fall into apathy and then complain when it’s too late. NB: click on the photo and then look for the blue ‘respond on line’, click on the words to go to the right place to share your views on each aspect of the potentially harmful new law they want to pass. www.gov.uk/government/consultations/distributing-vaccines-and-treatments-for-covid-19-and-flu?

The Oxford coronavirus vaccine trial has been put on hold after a Brit volunteer suffered a suspected serious adverse reaction, say reports.
Researchers have paused the crucial medical experiments to allow them to investigate exactly what happened to the trial participant.
The shock setback was revealed by AstraZeneca – the drugmaker working with researchers at Oxford University – on Tuesday night.
“Our standard review process was triggered and we voluntarily paused vaccination to allow review of safety data by an independent committee,” the company said in a statement.
“This is a routine action which has to happen whenever there is a potentially unexplained illness in one of the trials, while it is investigated, ensuring we maintain the integrity of the trials.”
Good news except for the idiot taking the trial, what I suspect is happening here is, they realize too few will accept it currently and will roll out deeper lockdowns to try and change the public narrative.

A Boston lab suspended corona virus testing after an investigation uncovered nearly 400 false positive COVID-19 results.
Orig3n, a biotechnology company which counts dozens of nursing homes as its clients, ceased testing on Aug. 8 at the request of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The suspension came days after state health officials became aware of an unusually high number of positive coronavirus tests.
An investigation found that there were at least 383 inaccurate positive results from the lab that, upon re-testing, came back as negative.
On Aug. 27, the MDPH said it notified Orig3n they had been cited with “three significant certification deficiencies that put patients at immediate risk of harm.”
“The Boston lab is required to respond with a written plan of correction, and if action is not taken it can face sanctions,” a health department spokesperson said in a statement to NBC News on Wednesday.

I stated in a show in June 2019 long before pandemics and lockdowns in the Clowns in Panic show, that the new game in town was a billionaire game only, and all the millionaires and lower end businesses would get harvested in the next phase.
This whole plandemic formulated in conference rooms as far back as the early 2000’s but rubber stamped in September last year. For the purpose of greater and more fascist style control, the rolling out of more controlling based technology, harvesting all the companies and properties below the billionaire level, whilst amongst all the confusion the expansion of land mass and the over reaching octopus arms of Israel, develops into a region that will be called Greater Israel, with the final plan of killing off millions, if not billions of people to boot.
Having recently covered how the millionaires are fleeing to the hills and left expensive properties and rentals behind, here is why and the proof.
Here is a look a some of the world’s top billionaires since the Covid uptick via corrupt media and other clown based avenues.
Jeff Bezos March 2020 $113B now $189B, Bill Gates March $98B now $114B, Mark Zuckerberg $55B now $97B,
Warren Buffet $68B now $80B, Larry Ellison $59B now $71B, Steve Ballmer $53B now $71B, Elon Musk $25B now $86B.
With all the millionaires now moving out of several top US cities now, lower end business all collapsing, I rest my case.

In February, US Covid guru Anthony Fauci predicted the virus was ‘akin to a severe flu’ and would therefore kill around 0.1 percent of people.
Then fatality rate predictions were somehow mixed up to make it look ten times WORSE.
When you strip everything else out, the reason for lockdown comes from a single figure: one percent.
This was the prediction that Covid, if left unchecked, would kill around one percent of us.
You may not think that percentage is enormous, but one percent of the population of the world is 70 million people – and that’s a lot, it would mean 3.2 million Americans dead, and 670,000 Britons.
But where did this one percent figure come from? You may find this hard to believe, but this figure emerged by mistake.
A pretty major thing to make a mistake about, but that’s what happened.
First, there’s the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR), this is the total number of people who are infected by a disease and the number of them who die.
This figure includes those who have no symptoms at all, or only very mild symptoms – those who stayed at home, coughed a bit and watched Outbreak.
Then there’s the Case Fatality Rate (CFR), this is the number of people suffering serious symptoms, who are probably ill enough to be in hospital.
Clearly, people who are seriously ill – the “cases” – are going to have a higher mortality rate than those who are infected, many of whom don’t have symptoms.
Put simply – all cases are infections, but not all infections are cases.
Which means that the CFR will always be far higher than the IFR, with influenza, the CFR is around ten times as high as the IFR, and Covid seems to have a similar proportion.
The error started in America, but didn’t end there, in healthcare, the US is very much the dog that wags the tail, and the figures they come up with are used globally.
They added that influenza has a CFR of approximately 0.1 percent. One person in a thousand who gets it badly, dies.
But that quoted CFR for influenza was ten times too low – they meant to say the IFR, the Infection Fatality Rate, for influenza was 0.1 percent. This was their fatal – quite literally – mistake, and the mistake was compounded.
On March 11, the same experts testified to Congress, stating that Covid’s CFR was likely to be about one percent, so one person dying from a hundred who fell seriously ill, which as time has passed, has proved to be pretty accurate.
At this meeting, they compared the likely impact of Covid to flu, but they used the wrong CFR for influenza, the one stated in the previous NEJM editorial. 0.1 percent, or one in a thousand, the one that was ten times too low.
So, they matched up the one percent CFR of Covid with the incorrect 0.1 percent CFR of flu, suddenly, Covid was going to be ten times as deadly.
I don’t expect you or I to get this sort of thing right, but I expected the experts to do so, they didn’t.
Clearly this author believes in experts, that is his or her mistake, I will repeat again there are no experts in any field globally.
But because we panicked, we’ve added hugely to the toll.
Excess mortality between March and May was around 70,000, not the 40,000 who died of/with Covid.
Which means 30,000 may have died directly as a result of the actions we took.
We protected the young, the children, who are at zero risk of Covid, but we threw our elderly and vulnerable under a bus, which was the very group who should have been shielded.
Instead, we caused 20,000 excess deaths in care homes.
We threw – to use health secretary Matt Hancock’s ridiculous phrase – a ring of steel around care homes, as it turned out, this was not to protect them, but to trap the residents, as we turned their buildings into Covid incubators.
Anyone working in care homes, as I do, knows why we got 20,000 excess deaths, and Government policy did this.
That is far from all the damage, on top of care homes, the ONS estimates that 16,000 excess deaths were caused by lockdown.
The heart attacks and strokes that were not treated, the empty, echoing hospitals and A&E units, the cancer treatments stopped entirely.
Which means that at least as many people have died as a result of the draconian actions taken to combat Covid, as have been killed by the virus itself.
This has been a slow-motion stampede, where the elderly – in particular – were trampled to death.
We locked down in fear, we killed tens of thousands unnecessarily in fear, we crippled the economy, and left millions in fear of their livelihoods.
We have trapped abused women and children at home with their abusers, we have wiped out scores of companies, and crushed entire industries.
We stripped out the NHS, and left millions in prolonged pain and suffering, on ever lengthening waiting lists, which have doubled.
There have also been tens of thousands of delayed cancer diagnoses – the effects of which are yet to be seen, but the Lancet has estimated at least sixty thousand years of life will be lost.
All because presumably the CIA led John Hopkins Center cannot differentiate between 1.0% and 0.1%, personally I don’t believe it was a mistake, but a deliberately planned plot formulated from the Event 201 laid out by so called dignitaries before the virus started.
This has lead to catastrophic loss of life, lifestyles and pit the people against each other, between the ones who can think for themselves, and the bot like elements who allow others to think for them.
This is the equivalent of a world war with different and far more subtle weaponry, it is a war of consciousness, war on life force energy and war for your minds, thankfully most of our members so through the illusion of it all, and have by and large overcome their seducement into dancing with another dark forces program.
Missing Context. Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people.
I wonder if the fact checkers who are only experts at jackassery, will bother to fact check their groups? I thought not.
Keep your distance? no keep your dissidence. and ultimately rise up.

One of the many ponderings I have had recently when reviewing a piece on Lilith, who was one of the several versions of Adam’s wife and not Eve, during the several versions of Adam and Eve in consecutive civilizations we have had here on this planet.
We have covered the word magic several times on our shows and how they like to change names, misinterpret words and change the vowels.
One thing that intrigued me about the current civilization is surrounding the languages.
Now at some point in time it appears we all had a fairly common language, until the Lord objected to us all speaking together and came down and changed all the languages.
The Lord of the bible we have became to understand is the reptile king called Anu, head of the Annunaki group here that spawned Enki, Enlil, Inanna, Marduk, Set and many others many of you will be familiar with.
This group also spawned the Hebrew religion and peoples in some cases, that religion then splintered off into many divide and conquer categories, like Christian, Torah, Islam, Hindu, Buddism etc but also spawned the anti human book that appears to precede all others, the Talmud.
So upon analyzing the languages I came across an interesting discovery, of how many European languages all have similar words and descriptions and yet particularly two specific languages didn’t.
It is said if you learn some Latin you will grasp French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and some English, these languages are the new version of the ancient common languages spoken by the Aryans, Rus, Nordic and Slavic, all of which is congruent within the white race.
Now there is a few offsprings of that, the likes of Welsh, Irish and Basque who are connected to the Celtic and Druid cultures by and large.
But there are two regions on this planet that stands out different from the rest of the languages, many of which are intertwined with each other.
Those two are Asian and what is described today as Jewish or the Hebrew language.
So, why are they different? because both speak in symbols is why.
Chinese is all symbols and they write right to left, and often down, unlike the other languages that writes left to right and across.
No one asks or defines where did these languages come from? most assume it was Earth based, but has the question been asked or addressed, is did it come from outside of this planet?
Have we heard before about writing in symbols? and if so where?
Well the answer is yes, the EBE in the Aztec, New Mexico crash in his transcript, mentioned they don’t write like us, but speak in symbols, and each symbol has several different meanings or characteristics that describes things in greater detail, by just one symbol.
The Hebrew language is the same, symbols and curiously and yet also indicative, without vowels, hence the term YHWH.
Could it be the case that the Hebrew language removed the vowels, so that the vow to their god is in single form?
It is in the word, vow and el, el means god, there was not just one vow el and so that represents several gods, when whoever created their religion and language wanted them to follow only one god, not several.
That god has several names and yet the Jewish religion forbids saying the real name, and uses other modes to describe their god.
That in and of itself brings up trust or doubt issues for a balanced researcher, why are they not allowing people to call the name of their god?
Could it be their god is not who they all thought it was? and they don’t wish for the people to find out?
So, the Chinese symbol language is supported by Dragons, Serpents and along with India and the Naga, which is also a serpent race, and then you tie it in with the Lord sending fiery serpents to harm or kill the Hebrewic people with Moses, and perhaps a picture emerges.
Maybe the Asian, North and South along with Hebrew Jewish race known as the sub gray that came out of India, not the Middle East, as DNA proves otherwise, were all not originally from this planet to begin with? something to ponder on.
The second thing I wish to get people to ponder on and in support of the language piece pondering is, genetics.
Why are all humans so different?
Lets look at the Asian peoples again shall we, why are their eyes more closed or slanted?
What could have caused that genetic default in those peoples? and by default I mean, it is something that exists or happens if you do not change it intentionally by performing an action.
Let’s start off with a fact before going deeper shall we, the idea that all humans came out of Africa theory is a total conspiracy theory, not mired in any facts or even the basis of logic.
Next, not all humans came from another conspiracy theory stated in the bible, that it all started with Adam and Lilith or Eve.
So, why do I not believe either of those recognized facts and considered to be the truth?
1. It is not possible for all humans to originate out of Africa who were jet black, to then become yellow, red or white, it is a completely different genetic make up.
2. If we started out with two people, A: it means we were all born of incest and B: we would all have the same or similar DNA and genetics, this is not the case of either DNA or genetics.
So, back to the Asian people and their eyes, how did that happen? well this is what I am proposing today and people are free to discount it or not, but ponder on it first.
The Asian eyes are that way because they did not originate from this planet, whatever planet they came from their sun or in most cases suns, most have two or three, we have three but can’t see the other two.
Their sun or suns was much closer or in combination of the two or three suns much brighter, and so why their eyes are made that way, it is called adaptation.
It is not possible for the black African to become yellow and change their eyes as have the Asian people model have done.
If any other color or race looks up at the sun particularly midday to early afternoon, what is the first thing that we all do? we squint our eyes, which then makes us look like Asians.
Why are Africans black? because they live in the zone of the equator that gets the frequencies from both poles and changes their skin tone to that color is why.
Now there was a brown race, which means their zone is slightly north or south of the equator and hence their lighter skin tone, this browning becomes lighter again as you go further north and what is known as the Mediterranean look, further north white as it gets less sunlight.
But the white race further north gained other benefits as they are closer to the source energies and frequencies, coming either from the pole or the continent of Da Arya, which enhances abilities and also intelligence levels, this allowed in the past for those peoples to be much higher evolved soul developed beings than we have now, from any color or race.
I believe the colors are based on the composition of suns, or how many suns, and also the distance of the suns in relation to their home world planet, for a better explanation of why so many colors and differences in genetics.
Now onto part 3 of this pondering pieces, we had a red race here also at one point, no not Native American red, but tomato red.
That race of humans came from the Pleiades constellation, and I have a theory on that to explain some other anomalies on this planet.
Now we have the strange red haired people in three regions of this planet mainly, although I suspect one region was responsible for another, Ireland, Egypt and Peru, with elements of the Basque thrown in.
But if the story of Ireland the land of the Pharaohs is true, then perhaps that explains the Basque region as perhaps being a half way point from Ireland to Egypt?
The mummies unearthed from Valley of the Kings and other regions, there was no mummies ever in the pyramids, that is the his story authorities trying to rewrite his story to suit, and also cover up off world connections throughout that whole region.
So where did the red hair come from? where did the red pigment in some white peoples from Ireland, Scotland and parts of Scandinavia come from?
My theory is the females where mating with the red skinned Pleiadians in the past, and the Pleiadians genetics are interwoven with the white race genetics and produced this red hair and skin pigment color.
Could it be why the obsession of the predominantly white alt media participants, and the obsession with all things Pleiadian be interlinked via genetic memory from long in the past?
Also it may not have been just mating, but genetic interference of which I will reveal in greater detail in an up and coming blockbuster show.
My own knowledge which is and can be difficult to prove outside of trusting it is this, the yellow, red and black race were seeded here from other planets, a number of which were refugees from galactic wide wars and after many planets and or solar systems were destroyed, and those three colors or races were brought here.
Other evidence suggests those three were placed in zones here that were conducive to their home planets climate and solar distances.
Other evidence is they were told to not mix sexually or for procreation with each other due to the genetic differences, and is nothing to do with racism, purely based on genetic differences.
This I am told and is in part supported by some archeologists and their scientific testing, took place around 40K years ago.
The Final piece of knowledge is some were seeded here to destroy the race of human that was here long before all others, the white race, and archeological evidence, much of which is hidden under the banner of Darwinism, does support that fact.
The voodoo being the most prominent course of action to subvert the native populace, which is why and how the sub gray race
was created.
Why they spread across the earth and infected all tribal groups, which then brought in the ritual sacrifices that the jet black race of India was doing in the Garden of Eden, and then spread out across the world through many colors, including the whites doing Celtic, Druidic and Wiccan or other witchcraft practices.
The evidence that is supportive of this is in the Vedic Rus texts, they are not Indian.
The question is, did another race use and seed the black race with the voodoo, or is it a natural part of their genetic make up? to then use against the other peoples by seeding their genetics?
Further supporting information regarding that is the line from the Zionist sub gray race person, Israel Cohen, who said this:
we will make the negro rise in popularity, with this prestige the negro will be able to intermarry with the whites, and begin a process that will deliver America to our cause.
Clearly from this he is stating the blacks marrying whites will somehow weaken the whites, how is that possible? via genetics is the only answer.
What this statement also proves is, the Zionist sub gray race, spawned and cajoled by the Annunaki reptile group, is intent on one thing only, bringing down the white race, the question is why?
From Russia with Love 1 & 2 revealed the why and the how.
At the time of that speech 1912, the whites represented over 90% plus of Americans, which kind of down plays the theory of all the black slaves brought here, that 90%+ is now down to around 60%.
Global demographics had the white race at 30%+ then as well, it is now down to 9% and falling fast.
This is a long standing Galactic and Universe wide war, that the dark forces have hunted down the white race, both in terms of the color and the group who were not all white, and used various other humans and non humans to destroy the white race who are the arch enemy of the dark forces, and further evidence of such will appear in a later show.
Please don’t react to this piece in defense of your own color, please ponder long and hard of the implications of this and how we go forward together.
Perhaps the biggest question that arises from this is, which human am I? have we defined it? do we know who, what, when or where we came from?
It is an assumption we are all the same, we are all the same in terms of the most popular vessel throughout the Universe, which is the humanoid vessel, but we are not all the same humans in relation to this planet.
Remember the EBE when asked about are the children on the craft in cryogenic status human? the reply was, depends on what your definition of human is. Happy pondering on that.

From time to time I like to look back on some things said in our show in the past and bring forward into the now for comparison.
Today I will bring something said at the beginning of the year, in the way of looking forward to what might unfold in 2020.
I think it might make a bit more sense now, and prepare for this next phase.
What do we have in store for 2020 the year I predicted back in 2015-16 time of we will see more, that has and will not change.
A lot comes down to your perception of what you think you will see, and the physical and inner sight will be more acute next year, provided you are tuned into yourself and not waiting for external clarification or justifications, the answers as always lies in you.
Some will get much of their deep desires this coming year, but many will not, desires though will change over the course of this year, as positioning and posturing to fill some voids will unfold.
What is real and what isn’t real will gradually come into a deep recognition and understanding next year, seeing will help with that, processing can and will be difficult, but deep within yourselves there is an inner intuition that will guide and steer to your path.
Distractions of events and people will continue to rise next year, there will be many disconnects within your circles and life, as frequencies, and who and what you really are, and stand for, sheds it’s final skin from the mask.
There will be no hiding as much already revealed will become obvious for all to see, many have exposed themselves this year, and particularly heavy within the alt media circus, but also all around you.
The term used in the show of fact will become fiction and fiction is fact will raise above the threshold for many of you, and also the masses may get a healthy dose of it also.
The so called top end people will end their lives, turn on each other badly this coming year, expose themselves more and each other, they will implode and I suspect many former parts of the old system will finally click their brains into, something resembling of an adult nature and seek us out for a new path.
Immigration of the future will not be country to country, but from their world into ours, will be heavily prevalent in 2020.
2020 will roll in a great shift and much upheaval, in terms of the physical and non physical realms, for those with seeing abilities shortly you will undergo and see what the real shift is all about, it will be heavy, it requires much and deep processing and can be a lot to deal with.
Use the tools you have and the teachings within the shows, they are all there, and you have far more of the picture and the tools than you realize.
It will be important to overcome the fear, fear helps no one, for those who have done so and connected the sword, connect to your heart center for a deeper understanding and processing of what you are seeing and experiencing, and yes it is real.
The fear of change can be and will be for some all encompassing, holding onto the past will not serve you well, and is not conducive when deciding your path, saying you want a certain path and being contradictory or conflicting from within will also not be conducive going forward, indecision leads to mistakes.
I did a few pieces a few months ago about defining, throw into that what is love, what is life and what is real, and repeated today, grasping and understanding those pieces will help you all, you must learn to define what it is you wish to be, do and love.
THI is unlikely to complete the whole year of continued shows this year, at which point it ends, time will tell, some new hats awaits.
The words to observe for 2020 is shift and phasing.
Yet again time will make less sense, and yet again the speed up factor of life and events will keep pace or possibly it will quicken, or the quickening.
The paths and door ways will be open for those fearless enough to walk them, the clearing of the fog and mists of time will be revealed to many of you, bringing greater clarity within, of and around you.
Love frequency will escalate, can you handle it? or will your own insecurities, hesitancy and limitations prevent you?
Define what you need and then what you want, if you have what you need, will you define what you want?
Be ready and prepared for all possibilities in your lives, things can, will and likely be all versions of transient this year, go with the ebb and flow, retain sanity, calmness and 45/55 is a must.
The old wounds will appear heavily within you, process them and release them, forgive yourself and others and move forward, and support as many others on your frequency as possible, this is a must.
The deeper connections with people not based on or in the physical will be enhanced this year, embrace it because it is more real than our physical understanding, see, feel and recognize the frequencies, embrace them for they have returned from a distant past.
Limitations will not serve you well going forward either, you must expand into a more fuller version of yourself, integrate and assimilate.
Nothing in life is failure, it is just another opportunity to learn and grow, recognizing it in that manner, decreases the need for fear, shame or guilt.
Your journey will not be the same as others, groups are great for the collective empowerment, but remember the journey is ultimately your own only, you cannot drag others on your journey, no more can they drag you, they can seduce you onto their path, but only you can walk it.
Learn to distinguish physical creations and spiritual creations, they are not one and the same, that was the illusion.
Illusion will be no more in the next epoch of time and space. The future is not ours to see, well some have and some will, and what develops is, the future is ours to be.

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