A.I. Shadow Beings + Daily Practice

The Illuminati are well aware of Humanities potential to overcome their control….

A.I. Machine Learning

New advancements in the collection of “Big Data”…..

Available Diets and Supplements to Counteract Life Style Diseases

As an overview of environmental medicine, a brief description of the four fundamental environments is given, including their most common dis-balanced states…

Bankruptcy of the United States 1993 House floor Presentation

United States Congressional Record, 

March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H­1303…


The majority of humanity fails to understand that unseen forces surrounding them are affecting their ability to survive…

Center, Ground & Shield

The purpose of this practice is bring our selves to the present moment, to align all our “bodies”, the physical, mental and spiritual bodies e

Community Protection Team Guidelines

Community Leaders Brief

Chakras Charletans & the-Saturn Moon-Matrix

Now is the time for this story to come to the full light of consciousness, there is nothing
you can do to stop it, or Humanity from knowing what truths we have gleaned from your
own hidden in plain sight disclosure, and actions upon us.  It is time for all to wake up…

Declaration of Human Sovereignty

The People of Earth shall be self-governed and independent, neither subject to nor dependent upon any other authority….

Joint Inquiry into the events of 9/11

 Heart Wave Energy Clearing

Heart Wave a “New old” energy exercise to practice inner and outer balance that will not
only rewrite, heal our DNA but it will allow us more access to it by re
connecting us to our higher selves.

Humanity Unplugged

Transcript of the “Humanity Unplugged Show” aired on February 19th, 2017

New Directions in Mind Control

Electromagnetic manipulation of our minds and genetic modification of our
foods are already techniques of mass social control.

Nicolai Levashov and his work, as seen through the eyes of an American doctor/trainee


Mirror-of-my-Soul Meditation Energy-Vampirism

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