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truth_honor_integrity_june 20 2019

Still ongoing issues within the groups that I have been asked to address by some in and out of those groups. People asking can and will they get funding if not participating…

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THI e-book

Preface 1 - A Line Has Been Drawn                                                 A1Preface 2 - Imagining the New Earth                                              B1Preface 3 - Remembering Truth                                                      C11 A Concise Survey of the Field                                                         1How It All Came About                                                                       …

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truth honor integrity | july 18 2019

SUB INTEL previously touched on topics, indicative, pointers or confirming pieces put out previously President Trump is considering replacing Dan Coats as director of national intelligence and is holding informal meetings with potential…

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“The illiterate of the future will be those who cannot unlearn the lies of our past.” – Thomas WilliamsThere comes a time when enough is enough. There is a place in history…

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In light of multiple solutions groups  being assembled at this time, this forum is discontinued. Please visit  our Facebook and MeWe pages for conscious solutions conversations. Be assured that all data provided…

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