truth honor and integrity show | November 21,2018 |

truth honor and integrity show | November 21,2018 | I want to thank the members for their efforts every day and more-so this week, to the member with the large donation to my patreon, thank you I am humbled by your generosity, to the members who made a stringent effort to get out information about THI and also about Kim and The Trust to a wider audience, thank you all. Over the course of alt media there have been several money oriented platforms put forward, and we all had interest in some of them as a potential possibility of improving our own lives initially, our members have largely moved on from that thinking level, of not I and my, but we and us, but these internet based money programs have been everywhere. Be it NESARA/GESARA/St. Germaine Trust/Jim Willie, Clif High, Bix Weir and others of buy gold and silver has they are going to sky rocket/Cestui Que Vie Trust and the birth certificate fund/OPPT/The RV, dinars,zins and currency revaluation with Tony, Tank, Gilliland, Schmidt, Shrout and several others/Neil Keenan and The collateral accounts which also involved AVR/Karen Hudes and WB/OITC with Mr. Crayford plus Ray Dam/VK Durham claims they owned Read More

truth honor and integrity show | November 15,2018

truth honor and integrity show | November 15, 2018 | Trump Putin meeting was cancelled due to take place last Sunday, stringent efforts were made to keep them apart in any functions or ceremonies, seems the old control system is a little freaked by them joining up. Seems they are getting a taste of their own popular medicine called FEAR. You will hear more about Russian collusion now, but it is not related to any elections, and everything to do with the two countries working together to defeat the common enemy.   *Migrant caravan, once they arrive they were separated into different groups for different intentions. The children went into the various programs which were as follows, 1. child labor 2. child sex slaves 3. terrorist training cells 4. body parts 5. adrenal chrome 6. blood drinkers use 7. food. Adults most of which the children were used as cover, are mercenaries paid to come in and cause havoc, either by assassination programs of certain individuals they don’t like, Kim and team being prime example, or other programs like school shootings, church shooting and other deliberately engineered incidents, whether people died or not. All of which gets relayed on MSM, Read More


* Expect chaos to rain now and to the end of the year and possibly beyond depending on how things unfold. Cabal are in complete turmoil now as they dont know which way to turn. Some are now considering quitting the old system and going with a new one. Expect a raft of false flags particularly before and on Tuesday to disrupt everything that is going on. Expect to see more firings within the government, military and agency fields. Fear porn will ramp up heavily, dont give it energy. California incident another shooting last friday, portal people arranging mass protests, mobs threatening people in their homes, it’s all playing out as forecasted in last weeks show. Coming soon impeachment and election tampering to all consume your energy, don’t feed it. It is all about to get very bumpy. *Jon Von Wright won the battle to be the head penis of the dragon, known as The Pindar. Into the seat he went and began to unroll his plans, keys and codes, only to find like all previous in last 11 years, none of them have the keys or the codes to the system, didn’t stop them trying to hack into the Read More


* There stands now a real opportunity for the clowns to turn the page, that old book has ended and has missing chapters which can never be returned, we have a new book and chapters, preferably together, but either way we will prevail. Expect chaos to rain now and to the end of the year and possibly beyond depending on how things unfold. Cabal are in complete turmoil now as they dont know which way to turn. Some are now considering quitting the old system and going with a new one. Expect a raft of false flags particularly before and on Tuesday to disrupt everything that is going on. Expect to see more firings within the government, military and agency fields. Fear porn will ramp up heavily, dont give it energy. All alt media rogue elements are in and on the attack mode now, sent out by their paymasters to implement chaos strategy and confusion, virtually all groups this show has called out, are employing attack tactics against us, be wary. Message to our members, shield up as much as possible, this group is under heavy attack by various groups and entities currently due to our exposure of their lies, Read More


With regards to last night show and a small update, I have had 2 further people contact me with regards to STS, one complaining of Chloes behavior and demeanor and another about Marilee asking or demanding large volumes of money, I suspect I will receive more confirms as time goes on, I have sat on this information for a while, like I did with the neil keenan exposure, as I needed full proof of what I suspected 5/6 months back and did address with Chloe, I was given assurances it was not the case, but the evidence built up, Chloe left on July 15th and yes it was because of safety and work issues and not an end to our relationship, technically, privately I knew it was the end, as Chloe and Marilee had been scheming for past 5/6 months, Chloe knew by dropping me she would lose face with members and so did everything to get me annoyed, enough for me to end the relationship and not her. After she left every call to me, was about trashing THI and Mewe members, blaming members for some astral attacks she and Marilee allegedly had, with the most bizarre description you Read More


*Small statement in response to me calling out James Gilliland which seems to have irked some, seems some cant differentiate between me dissing the man or the program he is promoting, hey we have all followed wrong people and I am no different, keenan, drake and wilcock, but whilst James continues to promote a failed program called the RV I will continue with my stance, it is nothing against the man per se, I dont know him to pass judgement, but I will call out anyone who are following the genocidal maniacs promoting these fake programs, be it zims, dongs, dinars, crypto or blockchain, it is beyond stupid at this point how they continue with it is all coming, its all happening, the 800 numbers are ready, the top tiers have been paid out (which has been stated numerous times as already happened, if that is the case why haven’t they released funds for humanitarian programs then?) 3 or 4 times every week it is happening and it fails, and they all repeat it week after week, year after year and nothing happens, and one guy thinks our group is a cult? No, we did our research ourselves and came Read More


*The Saudi Arabia story and the killing of the journalist Mr. Khashoggi. Some people with the US Military with full knowledge of the details of what took place with Mr. Khashoggi, arranged a deal whereby the the US would receive a $2T pay out to cover up the murder of Mr. Khashoggi by the Saudi Crown Prince. Mr. Mnuchin head of the Treasury flew out to Saudi last week to collect on the payment, except Saudi Arabia don’t have $2T, their reserves show around $400B so quite how they were going to pay rogue elements $2T is beyond me. Mr. Mnuchin who had flown out there despite being instructed he couldn’t go by Mr. Trump, and thought he could bring funds back to America and use it as a Rothschilds style bail out, like a fake RV payment. But Mnuchin and his band of Rothtillians felt they had no options left, after another mass hacking attempt on the Quantum System failed (more details on that later) once over there Saudis told him they had no money, and to go and ask Chinese Elders, Mnuchin then went to Israel to collect funds (more on reason for that later piece) and they Read More


*Belgian incident, Interpol incident, journalist incident and Treasury incident are all not what it seems or has been relayed, things go much deeper than that, and will become clearer as time moves on. *Cabal have now declared all out war on The Trust and also all of us who strives for a better way, no fears people, rest assured we are more than prepared, we are ahead of their game in thinking and strategy, we are not the few we are many, we will not be their inferiors in any way shape or form, we will not back down and we will not rollover, those days and that timeline is now gone, we will have big support should they escalate it into violence, as it will be in full breach of the peace treaty, and all beings have an obligation to enforce the peace treaty, and will do so. * The rescue team of warriors is gathering and amassing on many planes right now, many of you are now experiencing some of it for the first time, and some are more further along, don’t be afraid of it, take time to process it all, it can be all consuming, with Read More


*Cabal along with rogue organizations like UN and IMF are targeting and threatening heavily a whole swathes of Africa countries currently, threatening central banks, government officials and presidents or prime ministers of those countries. This is an attempt to stop to them in any way shape or form working with The Trust, some are offered huge bribes to block funding from The Trust coming in to help their countries. Message to all African countries, combine together and turf out rogue elements within your countries and block these criminals threatening and abusing your own sovereignty, throw the UN, IMF and Citibank out of all your countries, these people have never done anything good for you and your people, they have raped, pillaged, vaccinated and killed your people for centuries, tested and implemented viruses that were administered by the WHO, yes the WHO is where all the diseases in your country came from, time to put aside individual country, clan and villages wars aside, as whilst they deliberately provoke those situations to keep you all distracted, the plunder your country, the same people that provided the guns and or weapons, time to get smart and get rid of those people and rebuild Read More


Tonights show will be changed around a bit from usual format, The world may have changed, but one thing I can promise you is, I wont, today’s show brings us the usual news and views around the world, the usual q & a, the usual intel and the usual op-ed pieces played in a background of music that is atopical, but maybe this week has an extra kick, enjoy the show I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the support you all have given me this week including Randy and Alan and those in STS group, it is more appreciated than you all realize. I want to thank my admins Holly and James in particular they have enough to do in normal circumstances, without the added nonsense and over reactions that sometimes can occur with these events. A painful lesson for us of how things can change in an instant, be it by friend or foe and tip everything upside down, and try and destroy everything we have built together. Those responsible for that will become clear as time unfolds, those making power plays for their own ends, will eventually face the consequences Read More


*RV description, so what is the RV, a collection of currencies collected around the world, most of them stolen loot out of invaded countries or printed out by the Rothschilds owned printing company called De La Rue, that would essentially be revalued at X times the current valuation and other currencies would be devalued at X times the current rate. For example if the RV had validity and went ahead, the talk was the $ would devalued by between 50-80%, Zims, dongs and dinars which were held in vast quantities by the cabal after they looted those countries would increase by 3-10 times their current value. Most top military, mercenary groups, so called terrorist groups, politicians and media giants were paid in dinars not dollars on the promise each note would pay out 3 to 10 times its current value, and so making them all multi millionaires overnight, this is what is stopping the authorities moving as they all want their payouts, except nobody appears to have gotten through their single brain cell thinking and told them a. its not happening b. you have been duped and c. current banking system cant handle influx of that kind and would totally Read More