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*RV description, so what is the RV, a collection of currencies collected around the world, most of them stolen loot out of invaded countries or printed out by the Rothschilds owned printing…

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With all the new listeners and new members I would like to welcome to our group, this group will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.…

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A small recap of last week, due to indiscretions, corruption and meddling with American people and its acting government, MWHT has the owner of the Federal Reserve revoked their license to hold,…

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THI does not do fear porn, or clickbait headlines of no validity, is not interested in how many likes, how popular it is, it is only interested in the family community it…

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Well as you can all see things are heating up on all levels now, threats here and threats there as they lose their control, wealth, asset bases and credibility. Of course they…

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There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you…

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From Russia with Love

On our paths of discovery, many aspects of the truth and revelations have shocked us to the core, that this was a lie, no this and that was a lie as well, read the next chapter of discovery, and it therein contains a whole heap more of lies, one giant tapestry of deception on so many levels, that permeate throughout all levels of societies and it's operations.

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*Some people have said our show is too long and should be shortened, some said there is too much information, some want it longer, some want it more frequent and a case…

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Transcript – June 7, 2018 show

Things are bubbling big time on many levels now, some not so good but many are good, progress is steady and expanding, desperation of cabal increasing by the minute. Nothing is built…

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*Rothtillians still trying to implement #operationstupidity (RV) through Barclays bank, those waiting with their hands out again this week, were left disappointed again. *Fed meeting with Rothtillians recently brought out more desperate…

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"Truth, Honor & Integrity show 7/29/18" on Spreaker. *2 steps forward 1 step back avenues military/ un & imf/ govt/ finance/ others/ blocking attempts/ fear programs/ impatience *RV failed again 3 times…

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After President Donald Trump's stunning news conference Monday next to Russian President Vladimir Putin, members of Congress -- including some powerful Republicans -- were quick to rebuke Trump's performance on the world…

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Threats on our team and many others now are bubbling to the surface, Clinton body count appears to increase by the week and yet still we see no affirmative actions by those…

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*yet again clowns sent to eliminate team, Kim and her daughter on Monday, following last weeks car bomb attempts, at which point do patriots step in and act? enough of this nonsense.…

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* To my dearest ALL, Many speak of a quantum system for the people. I agree, it is. By definition in the parts of the world most consider it an"unknown", but a…

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*First off Hawaiian missile was not fired, not shot down, that incident did not take place, the codes for launching stuff like that is no longer in their control, *The Davos meeting…

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*Prince Charles wielding his alleged authority again this week, tried to send mercenaries over to take Kim and team out, that never turned out to well, they were blocked from entering the…

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Things are bubbling big time on many levels now, some not so good but many are good, progress is steady and expanding, desperation of cabal increasing by the minute. Nothing is built…

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