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  sol diers sacrificial lambs to the slaughter for their bogus solar god In 1921 the deceptive corporate “Congress” abdicated its duty to control the money and turned it over to the Holy See’s Federal Reserve System to be the Fiscal Agent of the United States Treasury, which promptly ceased…

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  open ness and safety, whole raft of information, how the control system works or worked, stealing your souls, property and name and a whole host of other revealings and people want or demand to know the lady's name? really is that where are thinking level is at right now?…

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may4th 2017 thru July 2017 *Everyone was talking crap, until today Rv happened blah blah, Then everyone woke up tuesday to nada 1005th time it failed then, but no worries it will happen again wed before 9am or should make it before the weekend if not guaranteed next monday morning,…

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future of humanity show

INTRODUCTION: Purpose of this show is not to enhance fears but to shed the light of truth, that is their Nemisis, creating empowerment for the people PREFACE: A letter will be read aloud in this show after this preface is shocking, and riddled with disempowering Psychotic rationales that outlay very…

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