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Heather H.

Hi Dennis,
In briefly reviewing the list, I think that with many of the items mentioned, we need to come from the basis of exploring the cause of these items rather than from a treatment of the symptoms so to speak. In doing so, I’m sure several of these issues would be cleared up if we can determine the reason why people are drawn to these behaviors. Greed, anger, emotional needs going unmet, mental illnesses, etc., We can start by discussing what the best coping mechanisms we have each used in expressing ourselves in healthy ways and what ways we have found ourselves going down some roads that might be more harmful to ourselves and others, and what helped us turn it around. I realize that there are many individuals that have disorders, which can’t be viewed the same way, but I also believe that there is several others that are emotionally damaged and we should consider what tools would help us cultivate resources for those to find a different path. Several years ago, I heard of a study conducted on the brain’s of criminals, which discovered that the area of the brain where the feeling of compassion & empathy was felt, was much smaller. They were working to send electrical waves to this part of the criminal brains to exercise this area, and make it stronger and larger. Is there activities and experiences that would also send energy waves to this area without electronic manipulation? We should consider the actions of ourselves to others and how we can help bring about a brighter world with our daily interaction with others, as we may not realize the affect we can make, no matter how small we think it might be. I would also recommend research into Rupert Sheldrake’s work on morphic resonance, which may hint to the possibility of how our consciousness as a whole can rapidly evolve as more become enlightened.

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