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Dennis F

Hi Heather,
I absolutely agree that a lot of the items can be traced back to unwanted behaviour
and that we ultimately should look for the causes rather than react on the symptoms.
If treated this way these issues would surely disolve. Discussing the coping mechanisms
and changing our own ways would be a great way to start. But I guess most of us
already know most of the causes that lead to the problems we face.
You mentioned a few yourself.
Anyways, in the end growing insights and change of our behaviour is the way to go.
Imo however this is seen from an educated overview standpoint that you obviously have.
(Your suggestion of research of Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance is very interesting)
This change of behaviour is a process that may take years if not decades. (It should start
with the right education of children (and their teachers).)
We have more urgent problems that need to be addressed. Famine, thurst and shelter
should be dealt with as soon as possible. No time there to learn to change our attitude.
Organ harvestig and child abuse should also stop immediately.The sooner the better.
The list I composed is also meant as a practical inventory guide to the amount and
severity of the problems we face. I fearful of the volume of traumas we will see once
the revelations start popping. This may be far beyond anything we can imagine.
Maybe the best way to deal with this is walk both ways…search for causes to correct and
resolve urgent problems..