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Stephen Collins

Hi Dennis,

In response to your post:
“Excellent Suggestion Stephen!
It may keep the discussion clean and prevent it from being overwhelming.

How do you think we can shape this?
Maybe new topics with a reference to the list?”

Reviewing the list, my thoughts focus on #144 Provide a safe environment for all people.
#144 is, imo, paramount & encompasses a majority of the list. So again as I type this I’m thinking…
Where do we start? again thinking…Education may be our starting point. Education of the most obvious
atrocities: Fluoridation of our water, Vaccinations & big pharma the harm they all do to us,
for example. We need to build trust through truthful education. Education of (I hate to say this)
the most positive and influential people within our communities world wide. Teach the Truth beginning at the top.
Once there is trust we can begin to expound into other areas.
However I expect a tremendous amount of resistance from the (un-awakened/brainwashed) populace.
Hmmmm where to begin indeed?
We Need an audience with those who will at the least listen. Then act responsibly conveying Truth to all.

Again, #144 Provide a safe environment for all people. I think will be the starting point for greater
more positive changes, individually & collectively.

Dennis, I just read your reply to Heather and do agree that there is
“No time there to learn to change our attitude.” However, imo, in order to make changes & improve
situations, more people need to become aware of the problems we all face through truthful
and accurate education.

Apologies for rambling on here.