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Dennis F

Please keep on rambling Stephen! It is necessary to sharpen the discussion.
Maybe we should change the 144 statement to: “Provide a safe and abundant
environment for all people.” Imo much of how people act and react has to do
with the programmed scarcity. If people realize there is more than enough
for all people of the world to thrive much of the struggle for life will
change in a more cooperative way. I mean look at the retired people with
a nice 401K pension. They mostly enjoy their lives and do not have to
worry about everyday issues. They do not have to fight for mortgage and
other monthly bills.
Safety of the children is paramount and top priority I would say.
How can we expect a nice future if the ones that will shape this future
are treated so badly?
Education is essential to start solving problems. Somewhere I read that
much of what has transpired will be put into documentaries for TV. I think
these can educate the majority of the people.Wasn’t it Nixon who stated
that people believe everything the TV says? The trouble we face here is
that what is revealed can lead to mass traumatic experience that we need
to balance to prevent chaos.I myself have had 12 years to investigate.
The majority only has a couple of months maybe. Just imagine…
Education of our leaders is a whole other story. Once the cabal is removed
the remaining leaders will have to go through a very steep learning curve
if they want to lead the countries. Now they do know Jack.
If we want to teach our children to think and act different we need to educate
the teachers first. So where do we start?
I guess it is up to the awakened community to start educating the people
around us.
My idea (after years of being ridiculed and ignored) is to just plant seeds.
Like for instance: “Have you heard that there was an attempt to arrest the
pope lately?” The audience will have no reference to this question and
probably just ignore. But if over time several of these questions are being
answered in the news you are vindicated and will be seen as someone who
aparently has more information. Then they will probably listen closer
to what you have to say. You then have to refrain from painting the whole
picture in one big swoop. Just tiny bits at a time..