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Hi All,
Loving the conversation and grateful for insite and conscious perspectives.
I’m enjoying the input..and agree to many points addressed..though there are
Almost 500 aspects of change..NONE of it can happen until people begin to
Shift their thinking.. we all know none of this will happen over night.
I know the best words from my mouth and actions..Not Reactions will
hopefully be a starting point.. I have caught myself more recently than
ever how my own words can fly without thought..OOOOPS!
Interesting the number chosen from your list Dennis was 144…No coinsidence.
like you Dennis, my journey started quite some time ago..
As I look at each level or layer I REAL- EYEZ there is more in me I must
Change.I’m finding I have to be more aware of my thinking and responses
concerning others..I get frustrated when people don’t innerstand what I see.
I can still be judgemental and lack compassion. those moments Im learning
to zip my mouth shut rather than lash out. I even struggle with folks who
Are walking similar paths. I have to change myself period.. and when I inter-
ject, be more conscious of myself and my intentions.
Agreed as mentioned by us all it won’t happen over night.. small suggestions
Agreed again..I’m already on the outside of the does not make me
better, nor does it give me the right to bitch ( I’m owning that !!).
I just REAL-EYEZED, I forget ..being the you and I all are..
I’m shifting my thinking..I welcome open minded thinkers ready for new thought.
I see this happening frequently now more than ever ..
To today!