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    Dennis F

    Thomas Williams often mentioned 489 aspects of life we need to change in order to have a better world for all.
    I tried to compile a list of those aspects. It is not anywhere near complete or accurate but it may provide a starting point for thinking. Please feel free to come up with corrections, additions, suggestions as the more items we can mention the better the list gets. So here’s a link:

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    Stephen Collins

    Hi Dennis,
    Great List and Thank you! If I may suggest…we should choose a particular aspect from the list such as Children or Health etc. to begin our discussion/possible solutions to the problems. Maybe take a vote as to which topic to begin with as some may have experiences or expertise to contribute.

    Thanks again,
    Stephen Collins

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    Dennis F

    Excellent Suggestion Stephen!
    It may keep the discussion clean and prevent it from being overwhelming.

    How do you think we can shape this?
    Maybe new topics with a reference to the list?




    This is awesome Dennis.. .Stephen great!
    This is exactly what the forum is about yeahhhh!!!


    Heather H.

    Hi Dennis,
    In briefly reviewing the list, I think that with many of the items mentioned, we need to come from the basis of exploring the cause of these items rather than from a treatment of the symptoms so to speak. In doing so, I’m sure several of these issues would be cleared up if we can determine the reason why people are drawn to these behaviors. Greed, anger, emotional needs going unmet, mental illnesses, etc., We can start by discussing what the best coping mechanisms we have each used in expressing ourselves in healthy ways and what ways we have found ourselves going down some roads that might be more harmful to ourselves and others, and what helped us turn it around. I realize that there are many individuals that have disorders, which can’t be viewed the same way, but I also believe that there is several others that are emotionally damaged and we should consider what tools would help us cultivate resources for those to find a different path. Several years ago, I heard of a study conducted on the brain’s of criminals, which discovered that the area of the brain where the feeling of compassion & empathy was felt, was much smaller. They were working to send electrical waves to this part of the criminal brains to exercise this area, and make it stronger and larger. Is there activities and experiences that would also send energy waves to this area without electronic manipulation? We should consider the actions of ourselves to others and how we can help bring about a brighter world with our daily interaction with others, as we may not realize the affect we can make, no matter how small we think it might be. I would also recommend research into Rupert Sheldrake’s work on morphic resonance, which may hint to the possibility of how our consciousness as a whole can rapidly evolve as more become enlightened.

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    Heather H.

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    Dennis F

    Hi Heather,
    I absolutely agree that a lot of the items can be traced back to unwanted behaviour
    and that we ultimately should look for the causes rather than react on the symptoms.
    If treated this way these issues would surely disolve. Discussing the coping mechanisms
    and changing our own ways would be a great way to start. But I guess most of us
    already know most of the causes that lead to the problems we face.
    You mentioned a few yourself.
    Anyways, in the end growing insights and change of our behaviour is the way to go.
    Imo however this is seen from an educated overview standpoint that you obviously have.
    (Your suggestion of research of Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance is very interesting)
    This change of behaviour is a process that may take years if not decades. (It should start
    with the right education of children (and their teachers).)
    We have more urgent problems that need to be addressed. Famine, thurst and shelter
    should be dealt with as soon as possible. No time there to learn to change our attitude.
    Organ harvestig and child abuse should also stop immediately.The sooner the better.
    The list I composed is also meant as a practical inventory guide to the amount and
    severity of the problems we face. I fearful of the volume of traumas we will see once
    the revelations start popping. This may be far beyond anything we can imagine.
    Maybe the best way to deal with this is walk both ways…search for causes to correct and
    resolve urgent problems..


    Stephen Collins

    Hi Dennis,

    In response to your post:
    “Excellent Suggestion Stephen!
    It may keep the discussion clean and prevent it from being overwhelming.

    How do you think we can shape this?
    Maybe new topics with a reference to the list?”

    Reviewing the list, my thoughts focus on #144 Provide a safe environment for all people.
    #144 is, imo, paramount & encompasses a majority of the list. So again as I type this I’m thinking…
    Where do we start? again thinking…Education may be our starting point. Education of the most obvious
    atrocities: Fluoridation of our water, Vaccinations & big pharma the harm they all do to us,
    for example. We need to build trust through truthful education. Education of (I hate to say this)
    the most positive and influential people within our communities world wide. Teach the Truth beginning at the top.
    Once there is trust we can begin to expound into other areas.
    However I expect a tremendous amount of resistance from the (un-awakened/brainwashed) populace.
    Hmmmm where to begin indeed?
    We Need an audience with those who will at the least listen. Then act responsibly conveying Truth to all.

    Again, #144 Provide a safe environment for all people. I think will be the starting point for greater
    more positive changes, individually & collectively.

    Dennis, I just read your reply to Heather and do agree that there is
    “No time there to learn to change our attitude.” However, imo, in order to make changes & improve
    situations, more people need to become aware of the problems we all face through truthful
    and accurate education.

    Apologies for rambling on here.


    Dennis F

    Please keep on rambling Stephen! It is necessary to sharpen the discussion.
    Maybe we should change the 144 statement to: “Provide a safe and abundant
    environment for all people.” Imo much of how people act and react has to do
    with the programmed scarcity. If people realize there is more than enough
    for all people of the world to thrive much of the struggle for life will
    change in a more cooperative way. I mean look at the retired people with
    a nice 401K pension. They mostly enjoy their lives and do not have to
    worry about everyday issues. They do not have to fight for mortgage and
    other monthly bills.
    Safety of the children is paramount and top priority I would say.
    How can we expect a nice future if the ones that will shape this future
    are treated so badly?
    Education is essential to start solving problems. Somewhere I read that
    much of what has transpired will be put into documentaries for TV. I think
    these can educate the majority of the people.Wasn’t it Nixon who stated
    that people believe everything the TV says? The trouble we face here is
    that what is revealed can lead to mass traumatic experience that we need
    to balance to prevent chaos.I myself have had 12 years to investigate.
    The majority only has a couple of months maybe. Just imagine…
    Education of our leaders is a whole other story. Once the cabal is removed
    the remaining leaders will have to go through a very steep learning curve
    if they want to lead the countries. Now they do know Jack.
    If we want to teach our children to think and act different we need to educate
    the teachers first. So where do we start?
    I guess it is up to the awakened community to start educating the people
    around us.
    My idea (after years of being ridiculed and ignored) is to just plant seeds.
    Like for instance: “Have you heard that there was an attempt to arrest the
    pope lately?” The audience will have no reference to this question and
    probably just ignore. But if over time several of these questions are being
    answered in the news you are vindicated and will be seen as someone who
    aparently has more information. Then they will probably listen closer
    to what you have to say. You then have to refrain from painting the whole
    picture in one big swoop. Just tiny bits at a time..




    Hi All,
    Loving the conversation and grateful for insite and conscious perspectives.
    I’m enjoying the input..and agree to many points addressed..though there are
    Almost 500 aspects of change..NONE of it can happen until people begin to
    Shift their thinking.. we all know none of this will happen over night.
    I know the best words from my mouth and actions..Not Reactions will
    hopefully be a starting point.. I have caught myself more recently than
    ever how my own words can fly without thought..OOOOPS!
    Interesting the number chosen from your list Dennis was 144…No coinsidence.
    like you Dennis, my journey started quite some time ago..
    As I look at each level or layer I REAL- EYEZ there is more in me I must
    Change.I’m finding I have to be more aware of my thinking and responses
    concerning others..I get frustrated when people don’t innerstand what I see.
    I can still be judgemental and lack compassion. those moments Im learning
    to zip my mouth shut rather than lash out. I even struggle with folks who
    Are walking similar paths. I have to change myself period.. and when I inter-
    ject, be more conscious of myself and my intentions.
    Agreed as mentioned by us all it won’t happen over night.. small suggestions
    Agreed again..I’m already on the outside of the fishbowl..it does not make me
    better, nor does it give me the right to bitch ( I’m owning that !!).
    I just REAL-EYEZED, I forget ..being the power..as you and I all are..
    I’m shifting my thinking..I welcome open minded thinkers ready for new thought.
    I see this happening frequently now more than ever ..
    To today!


    Dennis F

    Hi Spark,
    you are so very right!
    Change comes from within. I have to bite my tongue
    so much and be aware of what I’m sprouting…
    But then again, the stakes are high.
    We can have a totally different world!
    But I comfort myself with the thought
    that one day all these people that refuse to listen
    to us now will be begging for answers.
    That time ( that apparently seems to be
    approaching fast) I need to be balanced enough
    to help them without these memories of
    being ridiculed..
    So I’m shifting my thinking too!



    Because we innerstand all the urgencies, presently, i found that by holding space through energywork for the forthcoming empowURments and bettURments, whych Midgard has a role in effecting the ‘verses’, as well, can assist. (i can contribute in this ‘wee’ way which began when Tank put out the call to help in the unblocking which was ongoing for Kim and Teams.)
    Today’s remindUR is that as the cornerstone of a building is laid , then the building has already been built!
    Thomas identified the eight institutions for us whych have been supporting the crimes against the whole of us. We know the good folk are there in them yet they need their foundation built up. Yes, the peril it very great and sadly, there may be very painful birth pangs of stepping into our maturity!
    Have to go work in that matrix soon so i can’t search for any notes: military, media, hospitals, police, child services, judges, teachers, organized religions, were those it?


    Stephen Collins

    Hi Dennis,
    Wow… This is extraordinary work! I hope you don’t mind that I am posting your FH2.0TH3.0v1.pdf Document here.
    I felt it would be good to have it here for quick reference for future discussions.

    Thanks again Dennis!

    From human 2.0 to human 3.01
    a proposal

    1. Introduction

    Our world is changing rapidly. It is not so much the place we live in and the people that surround us.
    It is more the image of the reality we perceive and the image of what we consider to be the truth that are changing dramatically. As more and more people are waking up from their ignorance to the fact that humanity has been lied to and has been fooled for hundreds if not thousands of years the calls for change keep getting louder and louder by the day. Humanity has been lied to about every aspect of life you can think of. Time has come for ‘the Great Awakening’.
    Behind the scenes very courageous and smart people are working tirelessly to document, expose, indict, arrest, and remove those criminals and organizations that have run the world for so long with their factions and secret societies. It is exactly what awakened people all hope for. Others more openly have committed their entire existence to changing the world to be a better place. Kim possible (Manna World Holding Trust), Thomas Williams (Truth, Honor and Integrity Show), Randy Maugans (OffPlanet radio), TANK (Steffen Rowe – Kre8Change and Projectspeak) and Alan James & Steven George (OYM radio) to name a few. Look these people up. Then there is a range of people that blow the whistle on what they have seen, heard and experienced in their (professional) lives. Their conscience urges them to overcome their fears and so they warn humanity. And of course there are many unnamed good hearted others.
    What all these people have in common with the current president of the United States is that they risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones for the purpose of creating a better world. It is war time. Many things have changed already but many people have died also for this cause….
    for our benefit……
    So what do we do? Wait and see? Watch the whole situation unfold and then have pinball and free barbecue for everyone and sing Kumbaya in the sunshine? Seems like big party time then. But what do we do when mass arrests that seem to be imminent will occur? If a great number of high level people are arrested surely they will leave a void. Thomas Williams rightfully asks what our world will look like when this cabal of criminals are gone? Do we just fill in their places and carry on? Or do we want the world to be different and do we have a unique opportunity to shape the world as we would like it to be? Can we make sure what has happened will never happen again? It looks like that is entirely up to us all. Can we handle this responsibly? If so, we better get up on our feet, think of how we want our future to be and act upon it. Now is the time. This is our chance! Let’s grab it with both hands!
    This document is an attempt to determine the current situation and propose a way forward. Not as a prescription or a future law. Just to be considered, discussed, adjusted and added to.

    2. Current situation (A)

    For years and years and years we have been trained in every aspect of our lives to accept the situation we are in, to fight for our existence, to compete with our friends and neighbors and to measure our wealth in assets and money. We have been programmed to think this is the normal way to be and even defend it as the only way. As if you would not have any other choice. You have to pay a large amount of taxes. You have to know all the laws and abide by them. You have to follow many years of education (which also means the raising of cattle). You have to have a passport (and visa) to be able to travel to other countries. You have to have licenses and diplomas to perform your job. You have to pay insurances. You have to have permits to perform certain tasks. You have to be registered. You have to earn money for a living. You have to earn more money than the people you know. You have to strive for a better career. You have to have a mortgage to buy a house. In order to get commissions you have to compete with others in (legal) tenders. You have to pay for essential utilities like water, electricity and gas. You have to see a doctor when you are ill because he knows what is best for you. You have to have vaccines to prevent possible future diseases. You have to have straight teeth. You have to have bigger body parts and a bigger car than your friends. You have to pay digitally without cash. You have to have some sort of debt. You have to think possession is important. You have to vote. You have to be either a democrat or a republican. You have to think you are free. You have to read the newspapers and watch the news. You have to believe the official narrative. You have to believe newspapers and television news shows provide you with the most important news items of the actuality. You have to believe the church knows best how to be a good human. You have to be a good christian. You have to be afraid of muslims. You have to accept ‘refugees’. You have to believe all refugees are fleeing their country because it is unsafe for them to stay. You have to agree war is necessary to remove ‘evil dictators’. You have to support ‘our troops’. You have to soothe your conscience by donating to non-governmental organizations like the Red Cross or the Clinton Foundation. You have to feel guilty for polluting the environment. You have to believe science is uncompromised. You have to watch violent or exaggerated sexual behavior
    on television or in games and movies. You have to be busy all the time. You have to get stressed. You have to get addicted to religion, sex, alcohol, drugs or money. You have to have a distorted image of history. You have to see subliminal messages and symbols in movies and performances. You have to keep buying (more than you need). You have to believe in scarcity. You have to believe global warming.
    You have to ridicule whistleblowers, renegades and critical thinkers. You have to think we are the only humanoid species in the universe. Your critical thinking has to be confined within predefined boundaries like for instance the ‘New Age’ or ‘Feminism’ but never beyond that. You have to be ignorant of word magic. You have to be ignorant of the vastness and pervasiveness of the manipulation of humanity. You have to believe our three dimensional reality is all there is. You have to be ignorant of the endless possibilities humans have.
    Given the extent to which you have been programmed to lead this life of strife and obligations it is not hard to comprehend that the Beautiful You2 purposely has had no chance to develop and evolve. We think we need to struggle and fight (on our own) to survive. We think we depend on others to thrive while in reality we have let our responsibilities be taken away from us. We think we need Service To Self to survive while in reality we need Service to Others to change the world into caring and sharing societies. We think we need to compete with others while the truth is we really need to cooperate.
    Deprogramming will require a huge effort. If that is what we want….

    3. Desired outcome (B)

    You would have to be some kind of visionary to imagine a world completely different to ours. But let’s give it a try:
    a. Health. What would it be like to live up to, let’s say, 500 years in perfect health? Good nutritious food, clean water, clean air, new non-destructive medical treatments and knowledge of how to heal yourself would be a good start. Medical doctors would be holistic advisors. Radiation of any kind would only be beneficiary.

    b. Safety and privacy. Suppose all conflicts would be solved without weapons but with discussions and negotiations. What if democracy would mean that every opinion would be taken into account and honored? All military could be reduced to a minimum and all soldiers could be home. What if every child could walk and play on the streets without the dangers of harm, violence or abduction? How about preventing most natural disasters? Imagine police only being helpful and caring for neighborhoods and body guard being an obsolete profession. How about total peace across the whole world? Would not it be nice to know you are not being spied on by every gadget or debit card you own?

    c. Money and economy. So much has been done already by Kim possible and the Manna World Holding Trust. They took over the financial system and prevented looting and stealing of assets and funds. They installed an AI system that cancels any abuse. They will be funding huge (humanitarian) projects. But what if every person could earn more than enough to provide for a decent living with a part time job that is satisfying and in line with that person’s interests and talents? And how about debt relief (student loans, mortgages) up to a certain amount?

    d. History and the universe. We would learn about our true history, where we came from and how we are related to other human species. We would learn to be responsible adults in interplanetary societies striving for beneficial solutions for all involved. We would also have learned how to prevent anything like the current situation.

    e. Education. We could teach our children how to thrive and survive in good health. How to be a responsible person and maintain their balance emotionally. How to care for others and share with others. We could also teach them how to look for answers inside of themselves. How to become a critical thinker. How to explore their talents in service to all. We would teach them to reach higher planes of existence like the mental planes.

    f. Science and knowledge. Technologies that have been hidden for so much time would be released to the public which would mean unimaginable progress for humanity. Tasks that are dull and uninteresting would be executed automatically. Current computers would be simple calculators compared to the quantum computers that would be available. Travelling would be easier and way much faster than today. Probably we would travel to other planets. Flawed science would be eliminated. Science would no longer be dependent on funding and money. True science should be available to everyone for free.

    g. Governance. Governments and taxes could be reduced to the absolute minimum. Governments are only needed if a task is too big for a smaller group to handle. No one could be chosen into a governing position or function for life. Taxes only 14% on newly produced products as proposed by others. Laws would be natural laws which essentially come down to the ten commandments.

    h. Nature. Humans, animals and plants should all be treated with respect. The waters, the air and all the landmasses would be cleaned up to their pristine form. Pollution completely removed.

    i. Energy. Energy would be freely available for everyone to use since there is no limit to its quantity

    j. Religion. The only religion would be the acknowledgment of Source being the origin and expression of all there is.

    k. Entertainment. Art in all it’s different expressions would be genuine, impressive and touching because of it’s independence from money. Museums would show their hidden collections. Televisions and movies would show truthful, intriguing, provoking items to ponder on.

    l. Extraordinary capabilities. Teleportation, moving through walls, affecting objects by moving or bending them or setting them on fire without touching them, mindreading, telepathy, remote viewing, manifestation. Wouldn’t it be awesome to activate these dormant human abilities?
    m. General feeling. Unhampered happiness and companionship with your fellow humans could be the average feeling. The joy and satisfaction of sharing what you have would be the feelings to strive for. The excitement of using your talents for the benefit of humanity would be unstoppable.

    n. This list is far from being complete. It needs to be adjusted and complimented with what all of you think necessary for a better world.

    4. Solutions

    Those of you who consider themselves to be awake know very well how the past and current situation have effected humanity. In the recent past we have seen much disclosure of all kinds of secrets. We have all been trying to warn our friends, families and neighbors of what is going on and most of us have been ridiculed, laughed at or worse. Despite much hard evidence and our determination we have only been partly successful in waking up others. Most people we try to engage maintain their stance.
    Therefore we have been hoping for some kind of event and we are looking forward to the start of mass arrests. That would surely wake them all up. But it would also relieve us from the burden of knowledge we have. It would end the bad times and be a prelude for better times. However if you take a step back and review all the alternative media forums you will notice that most if not all contributions relate to the current situation and how it is developing. But there is hardly any mention of what comes next after the mass arrests have taken place. There is a huge gap between the current situation (A) and the desired

    outcome (B). Without much effort and consideration we will not smoothly arrive from (A) to (B). We will have to focus on the future too and we will have to answer some tough questions. And as things seem to be progressing rather quickly there is quite an urgency in that:

    a. Health. How do we provide all people of the world with good nutritious non GMO food, clean water, clean air, new non-destructive medical treatments and knowledge of how to heal themselves? How do we obtain enough non GMO seeds of organic nature to be able to feed the world population? What about all those farmers, researchers and clerks who worked for big multinational companies thinking they were working for a good cause using GMO crops? What about the ones who knew they were poisoning humanity? What about the pilots and technicians who infested the whole world with their chem-trails? Or those people who worked on fluoridation of drinking water? Medical doctors may be regarded as perpetrators, as criminals who only have had their wallet as their interest. Although this may occasionally be true most doctors chose their profession because they wanted to cure people. They have only been learning the wrong knowledge. How do we teach them the right stuff? Do we have enough people with accurate knowledge? Some people with knowledge of alternative medicine may not be such trustworthy doctors either. How do we shift the good ones from the bad ones. We may need less doctors. How do we know? What should we do with the pharmaceutical companies and with other chemical factories? How do we clean institutes like the FDA and the CDC? Who is going to teach future doctors on universities (if these institutes survive the scrutiny) about the true origin of diseases? Who will take care of the radiation frequencies so they only emit beneficial radiations? How do we deal with all the people who have lost loved ones due to corrupt health systems and poisonous vaccines? How do we prevent retaliation?

    b. Safety and privacy. Military power is probably still necessary to root out all the mercenary armies that wreck havoc. How do we prevent new military conflicts to break out if we just take all military home? Only a concerted effort of all military forces as a global police force may be able to stop the building up of new armies or terrorist groups. We need to think of a gradual reduction of all military might over several years. Do we need military force for universal protection? In the end all conflicts should be solved without weapons but with discussions and negotiations. Democracy should mean that every opinion would be taken into account and honored. This way all may benefit. Every child should be able to walk and play on the streets without the dangers of harm, violence or abduction. How do we achieve this? How do we prevent children (and adults) from being traded and used for organ harvesting? How do we prevent most natural disasters? How much effort will it take to reinstruct police officers to only being helpful and caring for neighborhoods. How do we achieve total peace across the world on all levels? How do we prevent unnecessary intrusion in our lives by computers, smart gadgets and spying eyes? How do we provide everyone with a suitable proper own home?

    c. Money and economy. How should banks operate in the future? Should they be allowed to charge interest? Should they be allowed to trade? Should governments be allowed to trade? Should stock markets exist? How could leveraging be prevented? How much time should a person work in a week to earn a decent income? How do we care for people who are unable to work or who cannot find a job that fits his or her talents? If we allow debt relief (student loans, mortgages) up to a certain amount , how can we make sure people won’t spend the entire amount on luxury and remain in debt? And to what amount should debt relief go to be fair for all people?

    d. History and the universe. What is our true history? How do we teach people if we hardly know the truth ourselves? Does the Vatican have those answers in its library and how do we disclose this? How will disclosure of this knowledge effect humanity? How do we calm all historians who have learned the wrong narrative all their lives? It is difficult to unlearn things. False history may be mixed with true history by them. How will we know where we did come from and how are we related to other human species? How do we learn each other to be responsible adults in interplanetary galactic societies striving for beneficial solutions for all involved? What measures can we taken to make sure the system we are currently living in can never occur again?

    e. Education. How do we teach our children how to thrive and survive in good health if we hardly know this ourselves? Are we prepared enough to be a responsible person ourselves and maintain our balance emotionally when the shit really hits the fan? Even awakened people will be shocked by the sheer amount of corruption and cruelty that has ruled the world. Ten years of study is hardly enough to handle emotionally all the crimes that have taken place by well known elite members against vast numbers of children. How do we balance that? Where do we start with proper teaching and how many people can do this? How do we teach to care for others and share with others other than by giving the right example ourselves. Are we ready for that? Have we learned to look for answers inside of ourselves? How can we achieve that children become a critical thinker and to explore their talents in service to all? Are we able to reach higher planes of existence like the mental planes ourselves? How much time will it take before we have progressed enough to ensure our children can be taught these lessons?

    f. Science and knowledge. Can we handle the technologies that have been hidden for so much time that would mean unimaginable progress for humanity? How can we prevent the unwanted or destructive use of these technologies? Tasks that are dull and uninteresting would be executed automatically. But who many people will lose their jobs? Can we provide useful alternatives for these people so they will also profit from the change? How will we be using quantum computers beneficially? Probably we would travel to other planets. But will we behave like responsible grown ups on other planets? Flawed science would be eliminated. How should we care for all the researchers who have worked hard to obtain results that were (unknown to them) based on flawed foundations? Science would no longer be dependent on funding and money. How do we invent new ways to research if much of what has been researched appears to be (partly) useless? True science should be available for everyone for free. How do we make knowledge available?

    g. Governance. How and when will we start thinking about how we should shape our governments? When will we start reducing taxes to the absolute minimum? Who will collect taxes? How can we make sure taxes are only used for government tasks that benefit the populace. How can we make sure all those people who work for governments and as judges and lawyers are screened, re-educated and instructed to do useful work in service of the people? Who will compose a minimum set of rules based on natural law and that we all can agree on?

    h. Nature. How do we treat humans, animals and plants with respect? How can the waters, the air and all the landmasses be cleaned up to their pristine form and pollution completely removed? Who will take care of that? Who will guard this permanently until everyone on the planet accepts his responsibility towards mother Earth?

    i. Energy. Where do we start production and worldwide distribution of free energy devices? How do the people currently working for energy companies find useful jobs?

    j. Religion. How should we handle the vast amount of people that are currently religious believers when they discover and realize the great deception they have had to endure? How much effort and time will it take to get these people back on track?

    k. Entertainment. How do we provide the people that bring joy, entertainment, depth and reflection to our lives with everything they need to perform or create? Museums would show their hidden collections. Televisions and movies would show truthful, intriguing, provoking items to ponder on.

    l. Extraordinary capabilities. How do we evolve enough to be able to make use of teleportation, moving through walls, affecting objects by moving or bending them or setting them on fire without touching them, mindreading, telepathy, remote viewing and manifestation? How do we learn to make proper use of these abilities without damaging anything? How do we grow to be human 3.0?

    m. General feeling. When mass arrest start taking place people will be very upset and probably angry beyond belief. Some people may go crazy seeing the people they admired being hauled down the street in hand cuffs. How do we balance their emotions? Will people start rioting and looting thinking they finally have the chance to grab a piece of wealth they have been made to want so desperately? How do we prevent that? How do we prevent people picking up arms and chasing and lynching others they suspect to be guilty? How do we keep everybody calm and teach what we could expect in the future?

    n. This list is far from being complete. There may be many more questions that need to be answered. But it may be a start that needs to be adjusted and complimented with what all of you think necessary for a better world. Please think about it. A great service to others and to yourself!

    * 1 Current version of humanity is 2.0. In the previous version humans could live up to 1,500 years. They were able to perform actions we would consider to be magic or godlike. It is unclear if those type of humans still exist on earth. We are lead to believe they do not. Version 3.0 of humanity would resemble version 1.0 albeit with the best possible intentions.

    * 2 ‘Beautiful you’ would be the best possible you that could exist in all it’s glory and brilliance.

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    Stephen Collins

    Hi Dennis,
    Wow… This is extraordinary work! I hope you don’t mind that I am posting your FH2.0TH3.0v1.pdf Document here.
    I felt it would be good to have it here for quick reference for future discussions.

    Thanks again Dennis!

    Sorry All… I don’t know how to delete a post that is not within the margins.


    Dennis F

    Hi Stephen,

    I’m actually pleased you posted it here!

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