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    Conny J

    Water is a base need for all life. The misuse of water and also hindering all living beings from clean water is a great hurdle to move forward. Access to and knowledge about water benefits will greatly unlock progress towards a better society.

    The work that groups like Councils of Northern Ireland Against Fluoridation is commendable. I would like to focus only on water, but bring awareness about distilled water and science like the work of Masaru Emoto.

    I would start out setting up “shop” in a small scale and grow organically with the main goal of making people independent and self responsible (if they can) getting clean water every day.

    Here is a rough plan how to go about this.

    1) MINDS ALIKE. Survey local (country) groups with similar interests and form cooperative groups, share knowledge and practises

    2) HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE. Spread awareness about flouridation and the benefits of clean water (awareness through a tactical plan mainly through social media, events and PR with the help of 1). Further down the road, spread knowledge about what everyone can do to accomplish daily access to clean water and also start working with legislation and old systems that may or may not stand in the way for progress (if successful it will stimulate businesses trying to make a buck, which is OK since it will help the main goal)

    3) START THE FLOW. Stimulate research, production and availability of clean water, new methods etcetera

    4) START THE GROWTH. Local growth of producing clean water, and further the awareness via communities taking action and spreading knowledge. I would like to start one of these local production facilities and use profits for further development of the plan, put aside a percentage for goodwill projects around the world, like innovation, reasearch and areas in urgent need.

    So the main elements of this operation is Awareness, Production, (Legislation if in the way) and Organic growth.

    The end goal is a global network of sharing knowledge, good practises and bigger projects in countries/areas with special needs – clean water should be free for all. I would like to be part of this.

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