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    The statement of purpose has an excellance to be present in these pages. Topics can at times be very heavy so humor can help to balance (my pre dawn better thinking came in shower time just now before stepping out of this dwelling.) Though talking can get heated at moments sometimes the spark of truth can be ignited there too. Sometimes goodness in magik is to keep coming back to establishing unity with love. When we are in ‘assembly’, there is no credit to anyones ideas or opinions, it belongs to the group’s consultation at hand. (That means folks have to check their ego out onto the hat rack when entering spiritual work even toward our physically needed soulutions.) No one voice can dominate and each being will speak. Often our janitor can share a great wisdom where our intellectual one was blind to. This is about bettering our world for everyone. Mistakes will be made and we can correct and improve as we go along. After demonstrating our good will in actions from individually to planetarily, then we can go further and beyond the present earth boundry (if that’s your choice). Hopefully, the shower time was fruitful for a few and not too wyrdy. Why complain about weeks going by and where’s the results? The ebb of life isn’t clocking, for isn’t it about our efforts?



    Good points!!!



    Hear! Hear!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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