Hemp / Cannabis industry – Good for people and planet?

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    Yes I believe so… food, fibre, fuel and fix, a carbon friendly, renewable resource.
    When we (the people locally/globally) grow enough organic and/or biodynamic low(tetrahydrocannabinol)THC cannabis/hemp plants; we can feed the world with nutritious seed, providing easily assimilated Edestin Globulin protein and the perfect ratio of omega-6+3 at 3:1 for the human body (reducing/eliminating demand for unsustainable industrial animal farming and fish/krill oil harvesting); we can stop growing cotton for textiles and stop cutting down trees for paper pulp (saving time water and land, using less/no chemicals, herbicides and pesticides); we can stop drilling holes in mother earth for oil (before petrochemicals all fuels, lubricants and paints were made from seed oils) And; we can help people and other mammals heal themselves when we support their endocannabinoid system with tinctures and balms extracted from the flowers and roots.

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