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    Truus Ouwehand

    I have been thinking about sharing my experiences in creating a community, permaculture garden in the village where I live and the conclusions that came up in the proces, possible solutions.

    The garden is designed as a ‘Medicine Wheel’, next to a Natural playground for children, and ment to give children an opportunity to learn and experience natural gardening. It is as well a garden for the community.

    I have to deal with the local government, because I am allowed to use a piece of land. It will be made this autumn/next spring, if all goes well.

    The amount of time it takes to deal with the local government, with all the rules and regulations and permissions, is amazing, such a waste of time in my opinion. Also they act as if it is their land, and again it is the other way around, it is the land of the people and they (the local government) are there to give service to the people. That has to change.

    What I encountered is that there are lots of people who are enthousiastic about it, but everybody is so busy with their job (both parents) and their children, they hardly have time to participate. (in Holland it is the ‘normal’ way, grandparents and daycare centres take care of the children during the day).
    A possible solution: a basic income for everybody? (Here in Holland there has been a lot of discussion about that)
    Otherwise people have no time, to be taught or experience the fun of farming together or learn other things.

    Another thing I encountered: In order to acquire the neccesary funding I contacted several organisations who are working in the field of Permaculture, to team up with them and become a part of their organisation. The willingness for working together is there, but they don’t believe the Manna World Trust is a great possibility to support this work. I am so disappointed they don’t believe in it’s existence.
    A possible solution for this could be a local network of people connected to THI, to support each other in creating teaching facilities.
    I may have to create my own foundation. (I couldn’t apply for the funding yet, because of this issue)

    It is great to be able to share this.
    Thanks for all the work you all are doing.
    Truus Ouwehand



    Well done Truus, great to have you aboard!


    Truus Ouwehand

    Thanks! I thought maybe I should change te subject to: ‘Teaching the children’, that would be more general and it is the motivation of my project. After listening to the last show, I thougt of that. It would be more open to discussion or sharing or inspiring other people.
    Is it possible to change the subject name?



    You could always add another topic



    Great info T.. the gub-mint must control in the paradyme.. however… What IF started creating your intentions here WITHOUT.. that thought of control.. writting your own script is the key to our long as we ALLOW them in our life-creative thought world is .
    What if you create a new thought pallett it ready to go.Then we all willsee it happen!!!!
    Remember WE ARE THE POWER!!!!


    Truus Ouwehand

    Hi Spark, thanks for your reply. (what means ‘gub-mint’?) I understand what you mean and I will work on that one. Another thought is, I yust listened to ‘You are free TV’ and she stated that we have to protest, I live in an area with a lot of farmers who don’t treat the earth, the animals, etc. well. Besides teaching the children, I wanted to bring in a way of caring for the earth, which I am passionate about, as an example, how it can be done. I can feel the resistance, which made me hesitant to start with the project. And the resistance shows also in the way the local government treats me. How to deal with that? I may write an article for the local newspaper, I have to do something to make it visible for everybody.



    Hi Truus,
    Gub-mint = government..
    The whole concept of thinking different is pretty much releasing the controlled thought form we use..
    So I was saying gub-mint to release the energetic thought of the system as it were NOT IS..
    What if we took all of our current creations and step to the side and re think the process being created WITHOUT giving / allowing / including the thought of the gub-mint ???
    What great possibilities can come from this ???
    I have learned thru experience as soon as I energetically re-move the systemic systematic thinking EVERYTHING SHIFTS !!!

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