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    Thomas mentioned during a recent show that the roll out of new technology would first proceed in developed countries while older technologies in the developed countries could be re purposed in developing countries. I am the founding trustee of the PC Wize Trust that has been involved in refurbishing used computers for about 10 years in South Africa. This is done while training PC technicians hands on on the workbench. With no funding and little backing except for people who donated used computers I have managed to put over 1000 computers into schools orphanages etc. free of charge. I have survived by charging for the training. I would like to also incorporate the correct recycling of components that are totally blown, but due to lack of funding have not accomplished this yet. With some decent funding and computers donated from developed countries the operation could be built up to where it could put computers into every needy institution that do not have any in a very short time. If this is coupled with training of Technicians from the areas that the PC’s are destined for it creates a total solution as far as the upkeep and maintenance of such installations requires.


    Kathleen Tague

    I have a used iPAD. Do you want it, or is Funding your concern?


    Mainly funding is required, yet a used IPAD is worth its weight in gold to a child that has nothing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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