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    This forum is dedicated to the gathering and sharing of knowledge and Conscious discussion on a variety of subjects related to topics on manifesting actual freedom for Humanity. Please keep discussion focused on relevant topics for solutions on a better way forward






    hi everyone,

    I’ve been a bit shy to post, it all seems so official. i joined just recently after hearing the universal protections unit show. i think i’m here for the reset.
    i think i have been putting some solutions into practice, as i have worked as an expressive arts therapist, counselor, in palliative care for veterans and children, creative learning for children and families, and helped create an affordable alternative healing collective.
    i am just in the process of leaving my business that i started with a partner who will carry on, a co-sharing collective of alternative healers of differing kinds who are looking to provide mid to low cost healing sessions for the general public, we also began a retreat space that is close to the city….
    I have walked away to relaunch my nature based-business, homeschooling and children led family learning groups, something i had to shelve after receiving devastating personal news and the need to pursue the energy around creating the healing collective and my own expressive art therapy psychotherapy practice had become untenable with my newly unfolding beliefs, the energy had become stifled.
    i’m not here to show off, but i wanted to tell you the path that has brought me here has been full. every time the scales have fallen from my eyes and i have seen more and more of the lies i have had to strep back and reevaluate. at this point i have left my businesses, except for Nature’s Course (which has been hibernating) and am homelearning with my own family…
    I have a channel on YT, where I call out the truth where i see it, ask questions about history, intel, ideas etc.
    i do not know what i am here to help you with, but i have had numerous experiences in my dreamlife as far as my memory will serve me, that give me the feeling of being here for a reason. i have been searching, following my dreams if you will, to figure out where i was, and why i was brought back night after night, in searching for this i have found people researching Tartaria, evidence of mudflood, evidence of free energy before the 1800s, so many things being confirmed by Thomas, too many to ignore. my life has made it clear i have a destiny ….and i have been led here today.
    how can i help?



    this is my YT channel, if you would like to see it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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