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Svetlana de Levashov | Revelations

Being yet very little, Svetlana had to study and master her abilities, to learn how to control and use them correctly...[..]

Shane the Ruiner

Steps to Knowledge

There must be a starting point at any juncture of development..[..]

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Message of the Divine Illiad

For millions of years, man was unaware of his conscious Self. He was but body, expressing the desires of body, constantly seeking that which his body needed, and taking it by his might of physical strength...


Spirit & Mind | Nicolai Levashov

Many people who have experienced head injuries or clinical death report seeing and hearing souls of the deceased and viewing the channels through which they depart....


Mirror of my Soul vol. 1

Nicolai Levashov


Mirror of my Soul vol. 2

Nicolai Levashov

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